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  1. So i switched to dungeonbuddy, and now my mage targets a mob in a group without starting combat with any spells, it just stands there.. this is what i dont miss about botting from back in the day, when 1 problem is solved a new one arises
  2. Why does InstanceBuddy try to vendor it's stuff to the Blacksmith trainer in Honor hold after farming Hellfire Ramparts? lmao
  3. Kek i figured it out myself and youre wrong, its Grindbuddy and i just had to walk into the instance myself before it started
  4. Yo which bot do i need to use if i want it to farm a dungeon over and over for vendor gold? I wanna use the Botanica Endless Farm (1) but it's just sayind Loading Tiles forever
  5. Can you please be abit more specific with 'delete this pnj in the quest profile'? Also, what does "quette" even mean? is that an english word?
  6. How do i blacklist a NPC? My bot keeps targeting, untargeting, targeting, untargeting Gazrog in Ratchet over and over....
  7. There is no AntiDrown or ItemForAura plugin, everything else is enabled though!
  8. The bot has alot of issues with the Undead starting zone such as interacting with the wrong target constantly, not doing quests properly.
  9. It doesn't work for me.. I did all the steps, and the Honorbuddy program says that the Account details are wrong, over and over.. Granted, i didn't do the steps with System32 because it won't let me edit the file with notepad because it says i dont have permission to do so. Any tips here guys?
  10. The 5.4.8 one doesn't work at all i tried with the Warmane mop server aswell as the tauri one (Eversong) and neither worked even though they are 5.4.8 servers. It just kept saying incorrect version.