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  1. Today CodeDeception is releasing a Nulled License key version! Download it below If you have any issues report them on this post! Thanks to WhiteCat for Nulling the program. Run the soft, the first time you run it will install the driver. Once the driver is install restart your computer. Enter the license key (edited) Enter the WoW installation folder location (_retail folder) when prompted (edited) Select your rotation Go to the spell book and setup your bind Start the exe (edited) * during the first startup the soft will install a driver for the keyboard input, after the installation you must restart your computer. (edited) ** if you need to uninstall the driver just run install-driver.exe /uninstall WoW must be in Fullscreen ! , Windowed doesnt work. make sure the following settings are set as below: How to setup the spell book: For each spell you are using ( Some talents not selected and leveling spells can be ignore) setup the key corresponding to your bind in game for that spell to do so, click on the spell and press the shortcut * if you want to delete a modifier you can press the "Escape" key to delete it. You can customise the rotation behavior with settings create by the rotation dev by click on the settings icon. You can now decide that HyperElk ignore some spell if you plan to use them manually, note that some spell may be required by the rotation ignoring them may break the rotation.
  2. Odd it still is working for me. Are you using online profiles?
  3. CodeDeception Free VIP Leveling addon, this is for MOP Honorbuddy. Report any issues in this post. If you have any issues please report them here! Extract these to your HB folder. Launcher HB Click the plugin checkbox and read the popup. Thanks to a few CD Members for helping and testing! Download Below
  4. Yes, the point of it is to use the plugin. That is why it's included. Not sure what you mean here " fixing cant pickup hand leveled char needs "
  5. Any chance you know the SetSendMailMoney and SendMail requirements for HB? SetSendMailMoney(amount-200) SendMail("Inxxy", " gold attached")" Is the name this is sending to " Inxxy " ? I've not used this function before.
  6. XML Error: Unknown tag "DungeonId" (Input: "<DungeonId>474</DungeonId>") in "DungeonBuddyProfile"! - On line 4 This is the XML
  7. yes
  9. excuse me we need a 548 MOP version lol