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  1. Hi everyone, I would like to present you a website reputed among the cryptocurrencies users which gave me 120$ this month without much time and especially without leaving any penny. First, you do not want to deposit any penny on the website, which is perfectly understandable: You will use the "Free Faucet" function of the site that will offer you Bitcoins, so that you can Play for free. Where is the scam? There is none, not even a restriction before you can withdraw your winnings, only a limit per day to claim again some BTC! If you reach the minimum amount that the site allows to withdraw, this money will be yours instantly and without any verification anyone other than your simple password and btc address to confirm the withdrawal. I love cryptocurrencies for that. We are talking about gambling to make money with money that you were offered, absolutely ! Lets read more ! Lets introduce you more details about this website : This is a kind of casino only for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. It offers various games, they are all very interesting and all allow to win but the game I advocate is the "dice". 10 minutes until you are an expert. The rules are not much complicated: At each roll of dice, a number between 0.01 and 99.99 is determined by the system, you bet an amount in Bitcoin in the "Amount" box. You choose a "Payout" in the "Payout" box. The number by which will be multiplied your put in case of win. For example: You have chosen "4.00x" as "Payout", automatically the boxes "Roll under / over to win" and "Chance" adapt to give you an estimate of your chances of winning. In the case of a "Payout" at 4.00x, the site will give you 24.75% chance and the choice between "Roll under to win: <24.75" and "Roll over to win:> 75.24" to win. Practical case: You bet '0.00000005 BTC' in the 'Amount' box (Remember that 1.00000000 BTC = ~ 900 $), you chose '4.00x' in 'Payout' and 'Roll over to win:> 75.24' Dice roll gives the number 81.21, You have won 4 times your bet, ie 0.00000020 BTC, for real you will recover your initial bet in this amount so you actually win 0.00000015 BTC. You make exactly the same bet, this second roll of dice gives the number 42.12 (less than 75.24 therefore), you lose your 0.00000005 BTC. You probably have it. So first of all you have to claim your free Bitcoins, once logged you will already have 0.00000300 in pocket to start! But do not worry, you can take the risk of losing them to put you at ease, if your balance displays 0.00000000 (and only if so)click on the Bitcoin icon in the left menu, fill in the captcha, and go again with 0.00000300! Link to the site: http://anonlink.com/OGO5 These 0.00000300 offered come from what is called the "Faucet" which is usable 15 times a day .. for now! If you reach level 2, it will not be 0.00000300 but 0.00000750 that will be offered to you, and 20 times a day instead of 15! Level 2 is reachable in one day. We will talk later Level 5 which unlocks 25 times a day 0.00001250 BTC. Let's talk strategy now, how to WIN? You should know that it is POSSIBLE to multiply this amount up to several hundred euros in just a few hours, it takes patience, luck and good strategies! Yes strategies, because depending on the amount you have in hand and the degree of risks / benefits that suits you best the strategy must be adapted. You will not have to do it manually, you can easily find the "Automated betting" tab just above the "Amount" box which will allow you to test and automate your strategies according to 2 parameters that define what must be done in case of victory or in case of defeat. Here is one that I advise you to start, inspire in you to develop yours! Amount: 0.00000010 Payout: 1.50x Roll Over To Win Winning Events: -33% Losing Events: +75% This will allow you to start and probably climb to 0.00002000 BTC in few minutes! Do not hesitate to ask me questions I would answer with pleasure! Ps: It is very easy to remove your Bitcoins in real money these days, this currency has literally exploded, 5 minutes on Google will do the job !