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  1. July 9th, 2019 Version: 7.0.20528 ADDON Fix: Error when using the "set waypoint" entry in step rightclick menu. DAILIES Updated Nazjatar World Quests - Updated "Runelocked Chest" world quests to reflect a recent Blizzard hotfix. Updated Nazjatar Dailies - Updated the required number of rares from 3 to 1 for the quest "Bounty: Dangerous Creatures" to reflect a recent hotfix. [A] Added Mechagon Dailies - Added the missing quest "The Final Act." Added alternate timeline dailies for when Chromie is not available. Updated Nazjatar World Quests - Added alternate world quest spawn locations. Added Nazjatar World Quests Updated Nazjatar Dailies - Updated counts for certain quests to reflect recent hotfixes. Updated Mechagon Dailies - Updated some open world quests. [A] Updated Nazjatar - Fixed the "Create Your Own Strength" quest. DUNGEONS * Added guide for The Eternal Palace raid. Added The Eternal Palace - The Grand Reception Added The Eternal Palace - Depths of the Devoted Added The Eternal Palace - The Circle of Stars PROFESSIONS Updated Various - Added additional tips for certain 8.2 guides. GOLD Added Moist Fillet Added Rubbery Flank Added Mauve Stinger Added Viper Fish Added Zin'anthid Added Osmenite Ore Added Dredged Leather Added Gilded Seaweave PETS/MOUNTS Updated Scrapforged Mechaspider - Fixed missing label issue. ACHIEVEMENTS Updated Trove Tracker - Added/improved tips. Updated Secret Fish and Where to Find Them - Fixed looping issue and unknown fish locations. [H] Added The Mechagonian Threat - Added. [H] Added Outside Influences - Added.