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  1. Says that I don't have the flying capability in the area when I do. I'm in Northrend. Yes, I do have cold weather flying. (5.4.8)
  2. Also for some reason, it doesn't identify druid flight form as a mount but it's in the drop-down menu.
  3. Yeah tried a fresh install and change the mounts.
  4. I mean that when you start the HBCD_auth from the Honorbuddy launcher it won't let me run honorbuddy with it for some reason so i need to manually start it from the folder.
  5. When starting the auth from the Hb launcher it just dosent work for some reason
  6. are you using the direct x patcher ?
  7. what windows are you using ?
  8. did you even start the apache ?
  9. extract all the files that are in the htdocs in the (xampp\htdocs) folder
  10. yeah cuz you need to select the exe not the folder the exe is in.
  11. alot of those plugins are for newer versions of the game/bot
  12. seems like this only happened at the blood elf starting zone.
  13. Hey the bot for some reason can't path/ find meshes i changed the location of them but that didn't help any ideas whats wrong ?
  14. Wdym Startup ? can u send a pic.
  15. What level is ur char and are u sure u pciked leveling bot or grinding and picked the correct profiles etc.
  16. working fine for me but gets stuck sometimes ;/
  17. Could anyone relses the newest version of it i really wanna try it out.
  18. I disabled my antivirus it worked, it would detect my wow.exe but whenever i would add a file with farming,combat profiles it woulden't show them there it would just be a white list. Ps i tryed to make my own profile still didn't show up.
  19. Hi im using windows 10 and it said that the fail was a trojan, so not safe ??