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  1. It was a profile problem before i think, i changed it before i uploaded it here. But i get the error "StyxWoW.AreaManager.CurrentGrindArea is null" now you know what that could be? Edit: nevermind i got it :D, you need to add a Hotspot into the forced questlist part otherwise he dosent find it [A] 1 - 20.xml
  2. Its my own, i looked it up on http://honorbuddyprofiles.wikidot.com/1-80-questing-grinding-official-wiki-profile-horde-generic-f but i dont see any error there [A] 1- 20 Dreams.xml
  3. you mean its maybe Refreshment Detection? i use Custom AntiAfk Refreshment Detection Mr.LootBind AutoEquip Instancebuddy Talented
  4. 30.09.2021_11_20 Log.txt
  5. Nah i even checked the Questchains, he keeps accept quest like "Brewfest" in Stormwind when hes in stormwind or around any other area when then are quest.
  6. Happens only on Mana classes, with a Warrior its fine. weird.
  7. Hey Guys, I have the problem that Honorbuddy is Resting even if he is full Mana and Health. Then he stand still and do nothing. Anyone knows or had the issue ?
  8. Hey, So i am developing a Quest Profile now, i am at level 20 but Honorbuddy keeps accepting Quets that are not in the profile, anyone knows this problem?
  9. Is there a relogger for 3.3.5 in case of disconnect?
  10. I aways get an error when i start HB and someone help ? i did everything in the main post https://imgur.com/IrOiDgF
  11. Ahhh okay tought its a quest profile, do you know maybe if they [H - Quest] 1-58 [Kick] profiles are for WOLTK?
  12. Yes Questing Bot and the Horde-1-60-Bliik-Fixed-By-Deltasniper3.xml
  13. Quick Question: Is it normal that Honorbuddy accepts every quest around him? Example if hes in Orgrimmar and just wanna turn in 1 quest he accepts all quest on the way around him. Anyone have this same behaviour?
  14. For some reason those custom Plugins dosent show up in Honorbuddy, any idea? I just put them into the plugins folder the .cs files
  15. Why is this in Private Server Section, does it work for example WOLTK, MOP, CATA servers?