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  1. Thanks bro!
  2. Hi @Rainsky is it last update dugi guidez? Thanks bro!
  3. @Rainsky How u activate in game? Yes bro but im not see, look my image.
  4. @Rainsky How u activate in game?
  5. Ohh man thanks a lot!
  6. U got o put here in this post? <3 THanks!
  7. Rainsky, bro do u have for share zygor classic?
  8. Thanks for update again bro!
  9. Ohh i need it, thanks a lot!
  10. Blizzard develop neuristic system patthern bye bye any bot program.
  11. if u like to hack, play firestorm our titan-server xD
  12. Enough guys. Blizzard developed a neural pattern system. The only thing they will achieve is to be penalized.
  13. Hey Do u have bot for firestorm legion our wod?
  14. Why u up this post... NOT WORK
  15. The official buddy of course need to $$Pay... -.-