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  1. Anyway this bot is still out crack it seems slightly more difficult, as most of the files are downloaded at run time.
  2. Pretty sure my link wasn't a referral, just how they release shit they put it into a forum thread.
  3. gk has released one, currently free here:
  4. cyber tank says it is not for sale on their website -- any way to download?
  5. and you may Progress, i trying to crack with dnspy :D

    1. Jenkit

      Weight Loss Queen

    2. Jenkit

      Weight Loss Queen

  6. Yes, looks like I was wrong. I saw so many posts in DB forums about it though
  7. That's a DB issue not a CD issue.
  8. Why even ask? What does "soon" mean to you? The answer is YES, it will be "SOON".
  9. Gold available on me or post here