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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys, I have been playing around with these for a while, but never got to share them. I am sure that alot of people already did what i did but they did not share it for some reason. THESE ROUTINES ARE NOT UPDATED TO THE LATEST REVISION, AND WILL NOT BE UPDATED AT ALL. I am simply sharing them untill HB fix their crappy Singular routines. First of all you need to modify your host file which is located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc You need your host file to look like this: ________________________________________________________ WARNING - IF YOU DON'T MODIFY YOUR HOSTS FILE, THE ROUTINES WILL UPDATE AND YOU WONT BE ABLE TO USE THEIR FULL FUNCTIONALITY Once that is done download the routine you wish to use, extract it and place the folder in your Honorbuddy routines Folder Example : D:\Honorbuddy\Routines LINKS: Virustotal scan is returning 1 detection out of 54 antivirus software. I am 1000% sure that the files are safe and harmless just is puting out a false alarm. The issue probably occurs from the way TuanHA communicates the username/password between the client and his database.!NsRRQQzR!qXa3likWQ2rMFpquOzX12KkuxH_DLtJi73szC4YSox4 - TuanHA Demon Hunter!5oxjGQBD!ZL11RjsbZWyGtnIBydgjliaCtzai96k-KQTBxspUpk8 - TuanHA Druid!F5gjXC7D!4xr-odmgtyk8GqM_MZd7X2yabh9u1-_sGi2ghbw1TKg - TuanHA Hunter!8hhghKZS!9rYw6khEs1tSkyEeiFZKmCajFniDUZQ_fEL45shKvoQ - TuanHA Monk!R1oCjJqR!lifeWiHDl3sLRBX1o_AgZVaW2wxaoKnEpy3L2Aw2o04 - TuanHA Paladin!9woHAYAa!jmRPoI_iPDnINWQu70nM196l3uWMgHf2gQaeP5snV20 - TuanHA Rogue!h1BEjLzQ!kFtFPJsJ0PS8Qf-aDid45_fs-za6Y_GVaSLAL5RJZxo - TuanHA Shaman!g5Q3BAbC!SMeiaJOmFNDKyD7dX3Qf1xw09xOiVUaHh1t0ge7xWB0 - TuanHA Warrior Enjoy! STAFF NOTE : Files are packed and encrypted , so complete analysis could not be done. Download at your own risk .
  2. Program: HB765/766 Issue: Having issues getting bot to actually run the new LFR dungeon profiles, also had similar issue when doing the Chemical Co. holiday stuff. Dungeonbuddy will queue and accept the invite to get into the raid, and has even gone so far as to follow the leader to the first group of enemies. Once combat begins though, the bot gets stuck and simply cycles through "In Combat" and "In Instance" not doing anything. After combat ends, bot will sit "In Instance" and not move at all. I've tried HB Beta, as well as clean installs of 766 and 765. I've also tried doing this with Oracle Premium, TuanHA Premium and Singular on Warrior, Paladin and Shaman Log: I cut this log really short as the error seemed to repeat over and over. Let me know if this isn't a duplicate spammed error and I can upload the whole log. Plugins ENABLED: Originally had plugins enabled such as tramper follower, questhelper for wod, refreshment detection, antidrown, but in clean install attempts no plugins were enabled. Thanks for taking the time to look at my issue!
  3. hey ,guys i found something good ps:i am chinese user, u can click "( 下载5.7M)“ to download it there are not cracked !
  4. Hello, I have not played WoW for a while. I started to use Tyrael + Tuanha DK (Public/Guest Mode) in raids. My frost DK is 565iLvL and do proximately 250k dps during Garrosh 25m, while I´m using bot. I can manually do 350k while I´m eating. I have switch off FrameLocks in Honorbuddy +Tyrael (Soft + Hard) and set 50.(my fps is 50-60 during SoO fights). I have set some spells (survive) in CC. Could some1 tell my how to "boost" my dps, cause it´s quite "meaningless" to use this CC/Bot in raids/PVE. Do you use Tyrael or Lazyrider? Which CC routine is best for frost 2H DK focused on PVE? I will appreciate any advice! btw I use SVN update for CC + newest one HB