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  1. Any underground hacks/bots for Black Desert? Seems like game's hacking scene is dead.
  2. I don't see why there is such a fuss here. For those who know CM from the beginning. CM has its hiccups but always comes back.
  3. Playing Black Desert, definitely not anime that's for sure! Anyone else? I saw there was a bot but quickly was shot down.
  4. Real tempted to try Black Desert. Anyone try it yet? Does kinda look a little too anime doesn't it? /:
  5. Eh.. this your first rodeo with CM? The bot always has its hiccups. What does it do? Comes back! I'm sure if it came up right now. You would be on the band wagon to use it, wouldn't you.. Ungrateful kiddos, I swear! Its a free bot! F.. R.. E.. E..
  6. Fox you're just........ idk. Keep up the good work bud. I have no requests lol
  7. Hell, Foxez I'm not active anymore but I am downloading WoW again as we speak! Count me in, but Jalad is forbidden from winning!
  8. Anyone currently playing the free, 7 day trial?
  9. I know I'm grave digging but being one of the oldest members here. I've been donating since the beginning til recently. I come and go on activity but feel free to elaborate the term "resources."
  10. Is this a active thread or? You have customers interested and would like more information!
  11. What web browser are you using? Is it up to date?
  12. Have you tried a fresh install of Honorbuddy?
  13. I just lvl'd two toons to 100 using Kick's pre-loaded profiles (quest); Grinding yes is prob quicker but if fingers start pointing. You have no quest completed.
  14. Sale is no longer active, closed!