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  1. Thanks Funky haha, yeah it isn't hard to look in the config for, I just wanted to post it for those that were unaware and were asking in shoutbox and other places
  2. Hello, now you are probably wandering OH BOY! DID SOMEONE POST A CRACKED VERSION! well the answer is technically no, what I did was opened a free version and modified it giving it all the goodies of a donator/vip version, I am posting it below and in this I am posting how to further modify yourself, I enabled the following in mine. Attack Sequence. in the free one the attack sequence is Tak then pvp (Health isn't a factor) -------------------------- My Modified one with the functions unlocked 1.) flag carrior (and returns flag) if available within 20 yards of you 2.) Healer (From lowest health to highest health) 3.) Tanks (from lowest health to highest health) 4.) DPS (From lowesthealth to highest health) NOTE: You will notice when someone else that is more of a priority enters the range of the bot, it will say "Ultimate pvp suite, changing target!" and it will explain why. The modified one also utilizes the uses of "Consumables" such as Health Potions/health stone/ pvp health banner/health trinket at 40% life. I currently have it disabled but you can also set it up to loot insignia's or get bg power ups. you can also add your own spells to interrupt if being cast in your range currently these are the 2 spells to interrupt. " #region INTERRUPT SPELL ADD AREA InterruptSpells.Add("Heal"); InterruptSpells.Add("Flash Heal"); #endregion" NOTE: tall the things within the bot are in this format._________________________ Steps to modifying it yourself. Step 1.) Download the "Ultimate pvp suite"Step 2.) Download NotePad++ (From Here 3.) Open Ultimate PvP Suite.cs with notepad++NOTE: Should look like the below image"Step 4.) Set true/false or modify anything you want Thats it! now you know how to modify it, very easy I just wanted to point it out so people could just do self modifications of the file. the plugin is located here Image: DOWNLOAD: HERE
  3. hello, mine might of been a different issue, as it says by my email my account was made at 6/6/2012 lol.. anyways, my account vampirictorch was deleted and I just remade it, I do not believe I had vip but it has been nearly a year since I been on this website, just checking if you did an account prune or not? no need to get anything back in my case just currious as to why it was deleted is all, just got back into the game.