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  1. What are the expectations for your school project? Why not make something simple like a social network, with the facebook fever I got a max. score for doing that in my last years of study. It's extremely easy to do too, and you would learn more about PHP that is an awesome language!
  2. To Text or Call? This Is What I Think calls are more personal, brave and direct! While texts are the cowards way! Oh yeah.. This is an introduction, sorry! You shall call me LocalHost, cause my real name doesn't matter to anyone. I'm aged 24 and I currently work at a networks company (an area I never expected to end up and enjoy, I always wanted to work in computer maintenance or something like that, in the end I got bored and tired of it). I'm not a native English speaker but I can communicate just fine with both Americans and British (most of my friends are from both countries). Unlike (probably) most people here I'm not a big MMORPG lover, I play and enjoy RPGs but MMORPGs always get me bored because of all the restrictions and hard content in end game to make hardcore players happy. So far the only MMORPG I can say I love is Final Fantasy XIV, is the best MMORPG I've played so far! The community is extremely active and friendly, lots of PVE content (just what I love) and the game is friendly to both casual and hardcore players. *Pouts* I'm rambling again, anyway I have little to offer to this community in terms of MMORPGs tools and the same can be said the other way around. So I'm mostly here cause I like to learn, read and wanna be part of the community!