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  1. Hi there, im selling 12 Session DB Lifetime Key. I only accept Bitcoin no Paypal. So this is my Scam Protection. If you like it make me a offer for the 12 Session Key. PM me !!! Thank you Proof:
  2. Honorbuddy Key would be a nice xmas Present
  3. nope does not work hanging on log in... [21:45:27.975 N] Honorbuddy v2.6.15748.838 started. [21:45:28.293 Q] Honorbuddy was unable to check for an update. Honorbuddy will not be able to update automatically. [21:45:28.475 D] System.ArgumentException: Der Versionszeichenfolgeteil war entweder zu kurz oder zu lang. bei System.Version.VersionResult.SetFailure(ParseFailureKind failure, String argument) bei System.Version.TryParseVersion(String version, VersionResult& result) bei System.Version.Parse(String input) bei System.Version..ctor(String version) bei Honorbuddy.MainWindow.‬‬‍‮‏‭‌‌‬‮‌‪‎‏‌‬‍‫‭‪‬‌‬‎‍‍‭‮‮() [21:45:28.500 D] Reloading AssemblyLoader<BotBase> - Initializing bots [21:45:28.504 D] Reloading AssemblyLoader<HBPlugin> - Initializing plugins [21:45:28.506 D] Reloading AssemblyLoader<CombatRoutine> - Initializing routines [21:45:30.135 N] Logging in... [21:45:32.202 D] Logging in to Europe ( [21:45:32.221 D] Logging in to Europe (
  4. is it needed to stay online all the time? its not possible to download the hb stuff and have "offline" version?