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  1. Hahaha the cracker is telling his users to check for adware in his crack... Dude this has never happened and 2 minutes after downloading your shitty crack it happens? Coincidence ??? i think not.
  2. 2 Minutes after downloading and trying it out i get this. I dunno man
  3. You obvioiusly didn't read what i wrote
  4. Yea i know but as i mentioned i was botting in Azshara zone for 8 hours straight without any hiccups and then just suddenly without any zone change or different area it just stopped working and gave me that error
  5. I've been using this for a few months since i found it on a Russian Forum a while back, and there's so many wierd things about it. For example, I just botted 8 hours in Azshara perfectly fine, no hiccups or anything. Then randomly the bot stops and wont move because Loaded new tiled mesh for map "Kalimdor".Received error code from mesh server when attempting to download Kalimdor_41_25.trimesh: 꺭fa=@OAfH%Xapi;d/-}3^Bh3¾ps,'ꉾ8vNM{c/gbu y'zI9XYlzSFCNyشӺ=zC0>c$S Z((`fe<dVSf@%i\-\o3.(.9E*~tKmƚ8*- aYhSH8b0::ثx6`h6,^~*#X U4n F1\A\ +@#4&.S4pEϡ5hQbA3x4}dҺQʺ5J޳rEN}`H /.t[Hȓj{kd92^&Ͳt,Nfoa R4C\]tEHҒb>acf\|G49Va-si οK@E1*S1ع\G<QEwʚ3Yrhbӏe(&;/Prr'IѮ* Rm ju#c#(=8tp_+ "y.YgUr*$.}yZ0g(_N`x~2-j_FPVj4yᬚTz,\nCould not generate path from <3547.724, -5210.727, 84.2448> to <3629.269, -5190.521, 81.30843> (start)!Now after getting this, no matter what or where i try to start the Grind bot it wont generate the path to any place. Could it perhaps be some sort of Anti bot?
  6. Can anyone share a working 3.3.5 Honorbuddy that has Meshes working?
  7. Works great! Thanks maxihuset!
  8. Would Avast and malware fight if i had both of them installed? Currently only running Avast.
  9. As title says, does anyone have Glider for 2.4.3 cracked and working ? would love to have it. I have searched so many forums and virus sites after a Working Glider 2.4.3 but to no avail.