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  1. just wait till evening ar least
  2. you are humourist and yes does not work either so waiting
  3. no one can but VIPs so wait patiently or take login from VIP by force
  4. all left to do is wait couple of days, week, month.... tried healing without honorbuddy today was just tired from super quick tanks who think they are immortal
  5. money is everything my friends that's because VIPs are already playing
  6. I think it is not cz he uses 819 build and it was released a little while ago but already reported it via form
  7. got it right i renamed exe to fool blizzard but in tutorial it says don't do it
  8. Hello guys long time no see! Started botting again and got a problem with Honorbuddy. I dont have any logs cz it does not even login. It says: Invalid product key and exits) Tried 812 and 814 versions. What do I do wrong? CDPatcher is working and public server is chosen
  9. honorbuddy was detected by blizz many players were banned(incl me) so stop it man they did it right to block hb from use - safer for u
  10. good news will be more beautifiul this way and no issues here using Waterfox browser xD
  11. thanks, Suspense! will get it right away
  12. and how we do that? there is no downgrade option... or have i missed it?
  13. so here is the problem after i updated today to version 783 it started lagging ingame without any reason,,, when i hit stop button the game runs normally, if i start bot it laggs like hell so i can't catch up with the party
  14. u did not see cz there is not one... for pvp maybe TuanHA paid will do or u might try Monkz or Monktastic
  15. Application Name: Buddy WingApplication Description: Bot for SWToRApplication Download Link: Webpage: http://thebuddyforum.comwanted to try this bot on my lvl 54 char