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  1. Its not about "Late maybe lol" its about updates, progress of the problem, but here is nothing. It looks like they do anything. Thats the point. Me as a developer if i want to have customers i need to give the ppl some information about the issues and update about the progress. But here is nothing, like no community
  2. Where is this %AppData%? :S sorry i am kinda bad in those things
  3. so the biggest product, where u earn most isnt important.... sorry but i dont know what this new team releases daily... what i can see is that this new change of thr team made ppl run away from this site
  4. " around a new way to lead and manage CodeDeception by bringing in some fresh air as well as new contents/releases " ofc, the whole site, less and less ppl, no content no releases since then. the older team was way faster/better.
  5. aiiaiaiaii gringos
  6. is there any news? any update for us?
  7. But I finished everything
  8. Hi Support! Why it says wrong password? :S is CDPatcher updated?