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  1. yeah hit me up with an offer
  2. you can also buy store products, ya know =)
  3. actually i didnt even read everything but if you dont like it just leave this forum and buy a legit key =)
  4. good work, keep it up hope to see a release soon
  5. first post ever made and then this bullshit... please leave it urself
  6. but how about some information on the current situation in specific? i mean like what is the progress? do you really need more money? something would help us... i would like to keep my vip alive again but without any information its just not transparent enough for me to see what you do atm
  7. this version isnt supported... check the avaiable versions before you post this trash
  8. good to hear !
  9. sorry for my ignorance but i wasnt here since like a year and now i see so many information and it kinda overwhelmed me :') will there be a cracked hb in decent time? lel me nub ikr
  10. EInfach oben auf "Auth page"->"CdStore" und dann suchst du aus was du willst und klickst nen häckchen rein... so schwer ist das nicht
  11. are you sure that it doesnt disable it? or are you just too dumb to realise you see like 1frame per 5sec?
  12. well just check the routines at the store or just try them out, there are some that are just wod+ or 100+ but mostly you should just check the store and read abit about the profile or just test it if you got no special "needs" just stick to singular or tuanha as Imogen said these are the most basic and common routines for lvling and simple DPSing
  13. well this is how it works everytime
  14. you start cdpatcher and thats it? lol
  15. nvm just found out the meaning of the word "obsolete" xd