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  1. Just wanted to thank you for working on an update. Appreciate it. <3 Although it might take a while for buddystore to be something worthwhile, atleast for me. I can't find a good resto druid routine. TuanHA misses a lot of spells, it keeps getting better but I doubt it does anything good in upcoming heroic raids. And I don't even wanna talk about Singular I don't know how this crap runs out of mana with a druid! that's impossible in this patch... I like to try the paid combat bot in the store, RaidBot and Enyo both drops fps significantly. Keep up the good work guys.
  2. Barch isn't working anymore, cause there are less "dead bases" right now. It might be because Supercell filtered out ppl that hasn't been online for so long from the search system. Balloon+Minion+Lava Hound works fine, it might take a lot of time and resources to get the full troops but you can attack any TH9 bases with it, not just dead ones. And ofc attack from 1 side. Don't set it on attack resources. It would be much better if the bot could cast spells, cause one rage spell makes a lot of difference, but still works
  3. Bot's calculations uses CPU , so if it takes too long I say either your cpu is weak or there are background programs that consume your cpu. You should ask for help in their forums if it doesn't work.
  4. oh you can't do arenas with Hearthbuddy! It sucks balls, Hearthbuddy is only for grinding daily quests or the daily gold cap. Try Hearthranger, but no one can guarantee the safety of the bot.
  5. The problem with TuanHA will be solved by changing the AoE setting in the General tab, for Windwalker turn AoE number to off or 1, and in Windwalker tab turn on Storm Earth Fire aoe option. For BM it works for me very well, change the aoe option for that too. I'm not sure what the problem with this routine is but if you set the aoe option on auto or any other number above 1, it stops casting Jab which is the main source of Chi so it leads to doing nothing but Auto Attack.
  6. Warrior, I mean there is nothing complicated about it, it's always been strong in pvp and with a healer you can beat many comps in arena.
  7. Doubt it, none of the websites providing other bots worked on hots, except bossland, I guess we have to wait until this stormbuddy turn into something like honorbuddy where you can write your own routines or bot bases. A bot base with user movement could do the trick.
  8. "Hold Space Bar To Win", that's way better than an afk bot vs AI with 65% win rate...
  9. It sucks for now, as the buddy team mentioned too, even Honorbuddy sucked at the start, it only had like 3 profiles, but look at HB now, you can bot for anything these days. Stormbuddy is just like Honorbuddy, it's in the early stages, it will be something great in the future so I say please don't crack it because stormbuddy will ruin the game with the behavior it has right now, many bans probably. Let's see a crack once the bot worth being cracked.
  10. Turn off "Combat Movement" in your routine if it's Singular. It could be "stay near tank" too. make sure, in your routine settings, no options allow your toon to move when in combat.
  11. Good Job Buddy.
  12. Hey Exclusive, any updates for 7.4? they've removed the free stuff and it's limited now again.
  13. And you call SmartCC "Smart"? Why do you think blizzard banned them all? If it was smart...
  14. well you should always attatch logs, we can't see the problem until we see the log. It could be a plugin bug, it could be cache, it could be exception errors which will be solved by installing everything fresh, or it could be many other things... we can't tell for sure with no logs.
  15. good to see exclusive here great job This bot is great, not the free version! but thanks to this which is working great, I farmed around 20k dark elixir last night