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/Instructions for muleing items to console from bot account! Free D2R accounts

Instructions for muleing items to console from bot account! Free D2R accounts

in Diablo 2 Resurrected

PS5 Diablo 2 Resurrected Accounts Mule Mega64Tired of botting and worrying about if your gear will be safe?

You must have d2r purchased on pc, and purchased once on console!

With purchasing D2R on pc, “THAT” d2r is only linked to the blizzard account you purchased it on and would require a seperate d2r purchase for every blizzard/d2r account you want to make..
With purchasing D2R on console, “THAT” d2r serves as a “GameShare” to all USER ACCOUNTS on that console. Any additional console accounts created have access to the D2R game free of charge, only have to make additional blizz accounts!

With that being said… Ive seen alot of speculation on the fact that peoples “clean” pc accounts were also getting banned. I dont buy this one bit but… with my method, you bypass the doubt and worries of having ALL of your gear poof!
Alot of being detected or caught banned is a matter of “when” not “if”. Do your due diligence to constantly mule anything in value you dont want to lose!

Mega64 PS5

If you are muling your items to a clean console account, how could Blizzard justify banning an account that was never logged into a PC?

It doesnt even have the “D2R purchase” required to play the game on PC, therefore never being banned.

If you have a bot account on pc and a ps4/ps5/xbox/switch and want to learn more about this method, read below!
Instructions are specifically for PS4/PS5 but xbox and switch will be similar.

Things you will need—

Two E-mail addresses

Two PSN accounts – create one here!

Two Blizzard accounts

Bot account on PC – d2r purchased – email #1

Bot account on PSN – d2r purchased – email #1

Mule account on PSN – email #2

Ok, youre almost there.. do a double check before you start dropping your GGs in the Rogue Encampment!

    • Bot account linked to PSN – YES!

    • D2R purchased on bot(or any) PSN account – YES!

    • Additional PSN account created – YES!

    • Blizzard account created and linked to your new PSN(mule) account – YES!

    • Able to create online character on mule account/create/join games – YES!

    Able to create/join games on bot account ON PSN – YES!


  • Step 1: Login to bot account on PSN, go to desired character, click Play, then Game Creator, we want to make a passworded game here.
    Step 2: Once you have created the passworded game, take note of this game name/password. DONT FORGET IT!
    Step 3: Wait 5 minutes! There is a certain amount of time a character is needed to stay in the game for the game to be “permanent”. Im not sure how long they stay open but waiting 5 minutes is sufficient.
    Step 4: After your 5 minutes of Rogue Encampment rest, drop your loot on the ground… maybe test your timing/speed on my method with crap items before you try to mule your GGs.
    Step 5: Muled items are on the ground, time to Save&Exit the game.
    Step 6: Click PSN button, go to Switch User. LOGIN to your new psn mule account.
    Step 7: Open D2R online, grab mule char quickly, Click Play.
    Step 8: Go to “GAME LIST”
    Step 9: HIT R1 to toggle to filters then press Triangle for “Search Game Name”
    Step 10: Hit Left bumper twice to go over to “Password protected game”
    Step 11: Enter Game name/pass and pickup all your loot!

PLEASE! Familiarize yourself with these instructions and test the method with some crappy items before you try to mule your good stuff. It is foolproof but once you drop your items and leave that game you need to quickly do the other steps. I have not tested how long it takes for the game to “disappear” without someone being in the game. I have been out for 2-3minutes and still able to join the game!