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/Diablo 2 Resurrected Zhipei Dominate Tool Overview

Diablo 2 Resurrected Zhipei Dominate Tool Overview

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Zhi Pei Dominate Tool: More than just a Maphack for Diablo 2 Resurrected

Get the unfair advantage that everyone seems to almost have when you’re in public baal runs, you can be the leader with auto traveling and never have to worry about dying with auto healing and chicken automation settings. Not to mention you can save alot of gear for your breakpoints by being able to boost them with the breakpoint booster, whether its FCR, FHR, IAS, and FBR. It’s also have the ability to tele item grab any items defined in your pickit item grab list when it is playing and any items that are in the list drop, it will auto teleport on top of the item and loot it too. You can’t lose with the zhipei tool, with the ability to unhide your minimap and reveal the whole map, enemies, and lines drawing. This d2r hack is far beyond the safest available and no other tools even compare to it. So if you’re looking for an All in One assistant tool for Diablo 2 Resurrected. This d2r mod will have you blown away. Just check out the video if you still don’t get the appeal, you will soon with the 1 day key you can grab right now. There is quite much to do with a day check it out.

We’ve been using this tool without ban successfully even in public games for the past year, so it is definitely here to stay. With the ability to auto travel to bosses with the press of a hotkey and also being able to modify breakpoint stats to give you a boost to not have to require having all the gear needed to meet the max FCR, IAS, etc you will find you may need gear to meet 1 breakpoint then boost your way to the rest. Here are some videos of the latest with this d2r hack, you will be able to use with hardcore. Just make sure that the lines draw does not cause you to crash as it may be heavy load on some GPU’s not able to meet the requirements of the map reveal as its a directx11/directx10 competing to see which can output the display of the hud, so this is something to also consider if you are a laptop user with emulated multiple gpu’s it can cause this conflict. To put in simple terms just get a 1 day key to test or ask very nicely because these are serious devs and there is quite a good amount of money put into this project you can tell by the quality of it having the ability to change even misc colors of the lines displayed.

With all cosmetic commentary to the side, this does have some very neat features. From being able to display the loot that is displayed and telling you the type of unique it is before even being identified is very convenient, but even more convenient is the ability to have tele item grab (pickit as you all may be familiar with) and so that is something most will NOT play without. I know map reveal is one thing, but you don’t need a map reveal option when you have auto travel to next zone or backwards a level and of course on top of the boss from catacombs level 1 to level 4.

Having to only press auto travel interest hotkey to go from black marsh waypoint to on top of countess in a few seconds, you will find this hack to be one of a kind.