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Classless WoW Private Server

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WoW Private Server with no classes

Not one to usually fancy playing on a private server for world of warcraft, i did however get ads on youtube pertaining to a WoW Private Server. So I was curious, who would be advertising a private server for WoW? On youtube?? Then i saw it was a landing page for the Ascnesion Classless WoW […]

False Positive? Cloud Computers and the All in One Launcher

all in one launcher

While we make sure to maintain a safe collection of software and vouch for the developers that make the bots and hacks we all prefer to use. There are always the question about these false positive alerts, and as we have explained in a previous post about a fake d2r bot site that does not […]

WoW Rotation Lab Cracked Combat Routines with Source Code

Wow Rotations Lab

While we have seen many tools rising on the wow bots scene, including rotations whether it’s for pvp or pve. You can be surprised that the Rotation Lab will not trigger any false positives, but we wanted to double check. The code is obfuscated with C# obfuscator so if you really wanted to dig further […]

WoW Bots for Private Servers

With the latest WoW Bots while including questing, gathering & pvp. There is even rotations to choose from that come included in some of the bots such as the Baneto bot which has been quite easy to setup. There are also stand alone rotations such as the Rotation Lab which may not be for private […]

Diablo 2 Resurrected Multi Launcher Source Code

Diablo 2 Resurrected Multi Account launcher

The D2R Multi Launcher enables the use of pre-generated login tokens launch and connect to numerous Diablo 2 Resurrected instances Setup the D2R Multi Launcher Requires handle64 exe Give your token a name by clicking the “Add Token” button. It will launch the D2R. Use the account you want to link this token to to log in. To launch D2R, click “Play.” Wait for the D2R internet servers to connect. D2RML will press the Spacebar for you to bypass the intro videos. Automatically, the token is stored to a.BIN file in the current working directory. Repeat as necessary to create the desired number of accounts (maximum is likely 4 concurrent connections) Using the Diablo 2 Resurrected Multi Account Launcher For the token you want to use, check the relevant box(es). Then select “Launch Selected.” Automatically, D2R will launch and connect to your account. If you’ve chosen more than one token, they will all start once the prior client establishes a connection with the D2R servers. Important Remarks about launching Multiple Diablo 2 Resurrected accounts Tokens are single-use only. With each successful connection, D2R creates a fresh token. Only if you use D2RML to start the game does D2RML immediately scan for fresh tokens and save them. This indicates that the D2RML stored token is invalidated and will no longer allow you to connect if you manually launch D2R using standard methods. The server connection will fail if you attempt to connect with an invalid token, and you’ll be returned to single-player. Check the box next to the bad token, then press the “Refresh Token” button to fix it. To save a fresh token, you must go through the login process once more. USE D2RML TO LAUNCH THE GAME EVERY TIME Virus warning from […]

The Truth about Baneto WoW Bot may shock you

Baneto WoW Bot Interface Login Menu Not a scam

What WoW Bot does CodeDeception Recommend? We have been doing plenty of WoW Bot research usually with other wow bots and such and we saw that Baneto WoW Bot was available again with the latest NN-Advanced LUA Unlocker for all versions of WoW Expansions, not to mention it is also available now on MacOS with […]

Cracked D2R Bot source code & Fake D2R Bots

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Not so organized, who would have guessed they would have literally paid google to run ads of a fake d2r bot site. Now I do not want to link you to the obvious site that is a scam you can find by searching in bing, we have successfully gotten the web host to take down […]