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What is the fastest method for leveling up ranged in Old School Runescape?

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Do you know the fastest method to reach 99 Ranged in Old school RS?

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Ranged is a combat skill in old school.

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, the fastest way is Cannonning and using Chinchompas.

Levels 1-75: Cannoning
The fastest way above 70 Ranged is using the Dwarf cannon. Pairing it with slayer or the ogres at Castle Wars allows you to reach lvl 70 within 10 hours.
Getting to lvl 75 Ranged costs almost 10 gp per xp, making it a very expensive training method.
Levels 75-99: Chinchompas
It’s recommended to start using them when you are above lvl 70 Ranged. There are three Chinchompas you have access to, and the gray Chinchompas are the cheapest ones to training with, but they give the slowest xp rate.

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