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Join Lava Lanterns &RS3gold up to 9% off 07 runescape gold til Apr 2

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RS players do you already know about the new round Treasure Hunter promotion will active soon, This time so called Lava Lanterns will avaliable on MAR28, You can gain Lava Lanterns which you can take advantages of improving your skills and bounce experience. anyway you also do not miss RS3gold

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with up to 9% off biggest April Fool's promotion and save money for yourself.

How to take participate in lava lanterns

At the time of New Treasure Hunter promotion, The runescape team will make Lava Lanterns actived from MAR28 to Apr 1, during this event what you will gain is in place of regular fallen stars and XP lamps. You will gain lava lanterns with small , medium, huge size of products in this Treasure Hunter promotion.

Gain Double XP Bounce&XP Experience in this Event

During this Treasure Hunter promotion, you can gain the replaced of regular fallen stars and XP lamps which is used on any skill that a XP lamp can be used on. additionally, What you gain will be yield 200% of the experience that the lamp would give,that means you can equally gain both experience and bonus experience.

All in all, don't forget to join the newest Treasure Hunter promotion-Lava Lanterns, and RS3gold biggest promotion is also online for you all.Whish you have good time.

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