Where do I find the Runescape woodcutting guide?

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Here are some

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levels 1-15: Regular trees 

levels 15-30: Oak trees

levels 30-35: Willow trees

levels 35-68: Teak trees

levels 68-80/94: Chopping ivy

levels 80-99: Crystallise teaks

levels 94-99: Crystal trees


Below are tiers of hatchet to use while woodcutting:

level 1: Dwarven army axe/Iron hatchet (T1): Dwarven army axe is a little better than the Iron hatchet because it gives 3 more xp when the axe is wielded or in your inventory. 


level 6: Steel hatchet (T20)/Black hatchet (T25) 

level 21: Mithril hatchet (T30) 

level 31: Adamant hatchet (T40) 

level 41: Rune hatchet (T50) 

level 61: Dragon hatchet (T60) 

level 61 & 92 Firemaking: Inferno adze (T60) 

level 75: Crystal hatchet (T70)

You can toolbelt Rune/Dragon for all the previous tiers too.

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