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[PE] 5.4.8 Probably Engine

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So a user in another thread pointed out that Probably Engine would most likely be better for 5.4.8 and I honestly totally forgot about this wonderful little script. For 5.4.8 this is a lot more lightweight on your computer when it comes to in-game frame loss or fps lag from scripts prioritizing abilities because it functions as an addon in game. This is a better option to PQR for 5.4.8 users. I couldn't wait for him to send me links so I spent about a hour going out of my way rounding up everything I could find for your guys use. I hope you all enjoy!





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(The potentially unsafe game hack is a false positive because the LUA Unlocker attaches to your client to unlock the locked script commands that automate your character, feel free to Google it if you feel unsafe about it.)


Download link: 

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1. Extract the Three winrars to your desktop or chose location.


2. Take the folder in the Probably Engine.rar and move it into your 5.4.8 addons folder.


3. Take selected Profiles for classes you want to use from Probably Profiles.rar and put them into the profiles folder that is in your addons under Probably Engine.


4. Boot up your 5.4.8 Client and log in to your chose character.


5. Extract the LUA Unlocker.rar on your desktop to your chosen location.


6. Launch the LUA Unlocker and let it attach to your current client.



Once again guys, I hope you enjoy your free drop. Good luck and have fun scripting.


Yours truly,

c0nspiracy aka pathogen_ aka no s0ul

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Hello, could you please reupload?.

i know its an old thread but its wort trying ;)


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