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  1. I have a personal bot (just fishing bot though), it works with all versions of wow (including retail). It's as undetected as can be. But it would be paid software if I ever make it public. If someone offers the right price I'd be willing to sell the source/full rights too.
  2. If there's any interest in HB for 4.3.4 still, I have a functional HB with working questing profiles, plugins, classes, etc. - It also works on Windows 10. Let me know if anyone is interested, (Don't PM me, just post in this thread and I'll create a new thread if there is interest)
  3. You have missed the fact that meshes are incomplete, which means this bot doesn't work in most of Outlands nor Northrend. I would strongly recommend using piroxbot for botting in those areas as it does not use meshing.
  4. Updated post with Windows 10 patcher.
  5. Trying it out now.
  6. Version 2.1 is now uploaded. This version has the option to install the correct "hosts" file automatically. Thanks for reporting the link down! Sandstrom
  7. It does work on Windows 10 in some cases, this probably depends on some sort of pre-installed software on your individual machine. Currently I do not know of a solid solution to running it on Windows 10, except for using vmware and setting up Windows 7 there.
  8. A common mistake. You have to use the default (Original wow.exe) and not the atlantiss.exe. You also have to make sure these are all correct: WoW 32 bit client (NOT 64 BIT CLIENT) WoW in Windowed mode (Menu --> Options --> Graphics --> Display Mode: Windowed (NOT FULLSCREEN)) WoW in DX9 (Menu --> Options --> Advanced --> Graphics API: DirectX 9 - requires client restart) WoW & HB must be ran as Administrator
  9. There should be a new hosts file; comes with the download of the Auth. Simply replace your old hosts file with it.
  10. Did you edit your hosts file ? And the bot won't function without the meshes..
  11. I'm working on fixing/improving the "kick" questing profiles for this bot. Errors, bugs etc will be fixed. T/F = Tested and Fixed. [HORDE] - Status from a 1x realm (Atlantiss) ; [Tauren] 1-5 = T/F and working. 100% 5-12 = T/F and working, 99% (Currently 1 quest semi-bugged. Cause: If you die, bot can't navigate.) 12-50 = T/F Level 12-20 and 50-55 so far. 55-60 = Will continue T/F. [Grinding profile] 1-60 = T/F Level 1-10 fixed so far. I will release the profiles once 1-60 is done. ( If there's any interest. )
  12. So is this for HB 3.3.5 or are you saying that you've created a new questing bot?
  13. Did you test it yet? I'm looking for some feedback on the new features/updates.