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  1. is there anyway to get demonbuddy to work for diablo again with your Auth?
  2. do HB work again? last time i tried to use it with cdpatcher on retail it didnt work ;s
  3. dosent look like this ever is going to get worked on again just sad how they may have ditched it without any news or announcements (sorry for bad spelling)
  4. nice still no news after 300+ days ...
  5. so i got my auth key i downloaded the cdpatcher and got demonbuddy installed but when i log in with demonbuggy all i get is tons of red tex tons of erros ;s Does Demonbuddy no long work with codedeception or what is going on xD ?
  6. is there anyway i can use demonbuddy with the key from here? sense cdpatcher is down :/