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  1. Thanks for the information, then i think its better i play in english now because i need often translate the profession to know which one i have to craft ^^. But thanks a lot for sharing Zygor Man
  2. And did u find something? I looked inside the deDE.lua but everything is there in English. I´m not sure I think i can translate this in German but this is a lot to translate maybe there is already a translated file anywhere. I´m to lazy for translate on my own
  3. That will be pritty sick if u find something. Thanks a lot for your help
  4. Thank @Rainsky for the fast Update. I got one question, is it possible to get Zygor with a German Language Pack or is it just in English?
  5. Dude thats not rlly cool to share personal informations from a P-Server... P-Server is free so why the f*ck u post the LogginNames and the Passwords ...
  6. Would be really nice if someone got this version. Maybe with a crack if not its also okay but i need this version
  7. Thanks for the Temporarily fix but for user from Germany like me, we got a error that we can´t authorized from Germany. Is there any chance to use it in germany with this fix?
  8. Hello Guys, does anyone know how the bot is from: http://wowbot.at/ ? And is it possible to crack it ? Kind regards Feno
  9. I got Quest Behavior Errors and i cant open Settings & Tools
  10. np
  11. If click again on Start rebot ask for a Key put your key in it and it works
  12. Can anyone help me to get HB ready for the version ?
  13. For me either. Rebot says this to me: Authentication failed: Connection error! Get your login key at http://codedeception.com/
  14. Does anyone got The Noob Bot 5.0.2 Version ? Would be nice if u link me a Download link. Thanks
  15. Its free if u Use the Public Auth from here