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  1. Grave digger, Nocturno, Seigebreaker, Tiger, and Typewrite. They are all widely regarded as the best weapons in save the world. Tiger is the probably the best ranged weapon. Once you hit the head, it will do great damage. Typewriter is one of the best weapons due to its fire rate. With a high capacity magazine, this is a very effective gun that can do a great amount of damage. Nocturno is a great gun with default perks. If you can get the right perks on your Siegebreaker, Siegebreaker can be better than Nocturno. Grave digger is a great weapon with amazing perk, damage, and stats. But not many people have it because it is an OG weapon.
  2. How do I get a fire cape in Old school runescape? What's the requirement? Thanks in advance.
  3. I just started to play this game but I'm not good at it. Do you have some good guides?
  4. How to get level 99 woodcutting in Runescape 3?
  5. Runecrafting or Slayer. People usually use Alt accounts to make money for their main accounts. If you choose to kill monsters for money, it’s important to choose the most profitable ones. I wish this Slayer money making guide can help you.