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  1. Hi WowRobot Evolution - pro WoW 3.3.5a cracked Youtube: video WoW-Robot (origin video) Download: Readme: Windows 7,10 ++ Honorbuddy 3.3.5 (Win10) Patcher ( Install Slimdx -- Net.Framwork -- video (download) --
  2. i want to ask sel would make some plugin for navigation?
  3. Ahoj Aktualizujte prosím zdrojový kód reloger wow pro software (HB patcher) It is a collection of plugins that I found on the Internet Yes there are also new versions that I do not work!
  4. Hi Update please source code reloger wow for software (HB patcher )
  5. Hello everybody add plugins that I found on the internet + honorbuddy I've added some source codes for plugins and botbase + botbase plugin:!QORFSQZJ!0yHn35lB_uc4_iuqupMqOzy1X6aiXTfnPfU92mP6ZQ0 botbase:!deAhyaQL!yvfQkOosgv2yAyXdiOEofzfJLeGTLurB34JlBH9be6o honorbuddy.exe:!4aBxGCAK!mf8P2GurDPYWVEt8elGWAJKXPyfoiv7o10FCvS_ds2g
  7. thanks for the post but the version you posted needs to reach !Why? A screenshot is taken from your pc and uploaded to tumadres site... I fixed that and removed his code from the binaries.Instructions:Get extract .zipcopy all contents over to your <wrobottbc>/bin folder.The memoryrobot version included is for tbc."If you've placed it already.Original credits still go to tumadra but I really don't agree with uploading screenshots for whatever reason!Enjoy a clean version
  8. Hi please link meshes full+instance meshes for HB 3.3.5a meshes(trimesh)
  9. Hi please help me edit offsets visual studio 2015 edit for wow 3.3.5a attack offsets please Link!ueDdkeDPEPjz/thenoobbot-05-aug-2016-rar (Source code full compiled+cracked server)