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  1. Thank you! I donate soon! I promise
  2. thanks man! I love you too! Ocrion
  3. Just like to know which days you update the combat routines! For I am very willing to use the TuanHA Druid because there were updates to the increase of DPS! Suspense grateful! I love you Suspense!
  4. aaaah my God, everything worked out Imogen, prescisei not change the key not think it was just a daley! All 100% correct. Close Topic.
  5. Program: (HB) Version: HB 788 Issue: Nothing much my friends, is my key that does not recognize the products market in CDStory. Already deleted the Cache folder bossland and still nothing. = [ Log: N/A Combat Routine: N/A Botbase: The same standards Plugins ENABLED: The same standards Location: Just incase. Screen Shot:
  6. I have a problem in recognition of my key in the EB, I tried changes related classifications and so far not consegui validate my key using the CDPatcher. Could someone guide me and see what I'm forgetting to do? Grateful.
  7. This not working here as well, since I performed these procedures. It continues with the same error.