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Eve Pilot v. patched

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Good day everyone,

long time since i've been around here, and even longer since a somewhat working Eve Pilot crack has been posted. ;)

I invested a bit of time in order to remove the trial limitations on the "Eve Pilot" from MacroLab to the best of my noobish abilities.

Please note that i can't give a 100% that this crack will work on your system as well. Test it yourself & find out.

Used Test Enviroment:

* freshly installed Win 7 SP1+ x86 VM Machine

* freshly installed Eve Pilot v.

* Noob Eve Online Alpha Account

* tested/used Bot Mode was "Miner" only

* Venture Ship in HighSec


Changes in the attached *.exe file:

- removed updater.exe file usage (non dependend on choosen Eve Pilot setting)

- removed trial license notification screen/message on startup

- removed trial max (30) application execution limit

- removed trial time run time (2 hours) limit

- removed trial date expiration date limitation

- removed trial time max days limitation

- partly removed floating license service server interaction

* modified the "About" Form a bit

- might have accidently removed the entry Splash Screen


How to:

  •     Download and install EVE Pilot from the official page, or make sure your installation is on the correct version -> DDL-Link v. Stable:

    Please login or register to see this link.

    || EN MacroLab DL Overview Page:

    Please login or register to see this link.

  •     Download the patched bot client *.exe file provided by me:

    Please login or register to see this link.


    Please login or register to see this link.

  •     *optional* Execute"First Run" Wizard if you haven't done so with a previous version of Eve Pilot *optional*
  •     *optional* Feel free to remove/ backup/ kick the updater.exe, updater.ini, CrashReporter.exe and the _trial.license files as they are not used in the patched bot client *optional*
  •     Copy the freshly downloaded patched bot client EVEPilot-patched_v. file into your Eve Pilot install directory (like X:/Programms/MacroLab/EvePilot/*)
  •     Execute "EVEPilot-patched_v." file and/or create shortcut to desktop
  •     All done. :)



I.) Dont expect any support from my side. If you want support provide more information beside the plain "it's not working!!!!".

II.) You should be able to download, and execute the correct *.exe file yourself

III.) Don't cry me a river if your account does get banned. Don't bot what you can't afford to get banned!

IV.) If you like the software support the developer and buy it.


Have nice day & kind regards



PS: Constructive Feedback is always welcome.

Crack Changelog & Old release downloads:

31. of July 2018:
* initial release
- updater.exe usage, trial nag screen, trial max executions, trial execution time
patched v. Eve Pilot *.exe:!jVpTTRaJ!-ltpf5j5EhNMpVC4qa-hzElmrUTR2HLBujlpdZ0fquk



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I have cracked Eve Pilot with my team, no bugs, fully operational.
It only needs to be run on a Vm, that's the only downside. 

Obtaining the cracked bot:
- 250.000.000 isk transfer to " Bahadur Singh " on tranquility server in game.
- Send your email address with it
- You will receive a RAR file in your email within 3 hours.
- After unpacking you run the autoinstaller and copy the patch into install folder.
- Done!
Any questions?

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