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Final Fantasy Realm Reborn question about bots and such

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Anyone here ever used the buddy bot for Final Fantasy, a realm reborn?  Is it very similar to Honor Buddy?  Thats the only bot by them ive ever used.  And anyone know of any other good bots for Final Fantasy?  And on their main loading page, it gives statistics.  They had like 6000 accounts banned from December 10-16.  Are they as good or better than Blizzard at catching people?  Or is it like WoW used to be, and you had to be pretty blatant and obvious about botting to get banned.  Ive been wanting to give another online game a shot, but I just always kept going back to WoW when i got bored.  Thanks to my 6 month ban, Ill finally give a new game a shot.  Ive read good things about it, from former WoW players.  Anyone got anything to say about the game itself?  Better or worse in anyways?



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