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  1. Sadly that didn't work, get this now https://pastebin.com/u1hZNRUU
  2. Program: Honorbuddy Version: 2.5.11489.761 Issue: Unable to start any questing profile, be it ones included in the release or ones in the CD plugin Log: https://pastebin.com/xUyem2P0 Combat Routine: singular Botbase: Quest Plugins ENABLED: anti-drown, codedeceptionPlugin v0.1002, Questhelper, Refreshment Detection Location: Human starting area Have tried reinstalls, restarts, and anything else I could find on the forums but nothing seems to get me past this quest behavior error. [17:52:59.212 N] [UserSettings-v1581(error)] [MAINTENANCE PROBLEM]: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. FROM HERE (NullReferenceException): at Honorbuddy.Quest_Behaviors.UserSettings.UserSettings.BuildPresets() in g:\Downloads\Hax\Honorbuddy 2.5.11489.761\Quest Behaviors\UserSettings.cs:line 353 at Honorbuddy.Quest_Behaviors.UserSettings.UserSettings..ctor(Dictionary`2 args) in g:\Downloads\Hax\Honorbuddy 2.5.11489.761\Quest Behaviors\UserSettings.cs:line 55
  3. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting this working on Firestorm servers? edit: nevermind, I found that it is being worked on in another thread.