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  1. Many thanks, Rainsky. You're a true legend
  2. Hey, is this still getting updated? (The question goes both for the original guide and for this cracked version) Many thanks.
  3. Great, thanks
  4. Can we get an updated version of this?
  5. Good job, @Rainsky . Thanks for the contribution.
  6. Is there a combat helper plugin? I don't care about questing / gathering and all that shit. I just want it to do the rotation for me.
  7. hello very good have released a new version of Auto Trading Bot GW2-ATB_2_3.1
      I could update the crack thank you very much in advance! good job!!

  8. Exaaaaactly.
  9. I can contribute with few accounts if needed (especially those already supported).
  10. Website: Download:!4u5jjBxD!AdosNTiS3aHCQ0vnG_aaXsf5JxruCWfB9gpJLBYy1Y4 VirusTotal: I'm not the cracker, by the way. Just found it on my old HDD. I know it works as I was using it on Warmane back in the days.
  11. Shit. That's a bummer... now I understand why I never see cracked accounts for this website.
  12. Edit: Nevermind.
  13. Referrals and shit. I hate this.
  14. Thanks for the share, @Foxez