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  1. Many thanks, Rainsky. You're a true legend
  2. Hey, is this still getting updated? (The question goes both for the original guide and for this cracked version) Many thanks.
  3. Good job, @Rainsky . Thanks for the contribution.
  4. Is there a combat helper plugin? I don't care about questing / gathering and all that shit. I just want it to do the rotation for me.
  5. hello very good have released a new version of Auto Trading Bot GW2-ATB_2_3.1
      I could update the crack thank you very much in advance! good job!!

  6. Exaaaaactly.
  7. I can contribute with few accounts if needed (especially those already supported).
  8. Website: Download:!4u5jjBxD!AdosNTiS3aHCQ0vnG_aaXsf5JxruCWfB9gpJLBYy1Y4 VirusTotal: I'm not the cracker, by the way. Just found it on my old HDD. I know it works as I was using it on Warmane back in the days.
  9. Shit. That's a bummer... now I understand why I never see cracked accounts for this website.
  10. Edit: Nevermind.
  11. Referrals and shit. I hate this.
  12. Thanks for the share, @Foxez
  13. VMware player would do as well.
  14. Can it be used as a routines engine only? I don't care doing the questing manually but too lazy to press them buttons.