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  1. I would like to introduce you to a small but very good shop, where a very good quality is available at a low price. >>TO THE SHOP<< >>TO THE SHOP<<
  2. Im also looking for it, reupload would be great. Does it also work with 3.5.5?
  3. Someone know why i cant run Bounties and getting a game loop all the time? Bot restart a game all the time... Please help me out!
  4. "The new detection method checks for all running applications on your computer and processes the ones that interact with Diablo 3 or Hearthstone. This means that bots and tools that don't use injection may also be detected. We went ahead and checked if Turbo Hud and Ros-bot can be detected with the new scan for the sake of the Diablo 3 botting community." Im a bit confuse :/
  5. It is because blizz check now the running processes on you conputer. And maybe cdpatcher is also on theier blacklist...
  6. We also need to know if cdpatcher is detected by the "Warden".
  7. Thanks i know how it works but the bot doesnt do Townruns when the bag is full. In Nomalrift everythink work great!
  8. I've got a problem with the Trinity addon When i do normal Rifts the Bot goes back in Town when the bag is full and sell/stash the items, after that he port back in the rift and go on. But when im doing a GRift the Bot doesnt port back to town, he keep the bag full and dont pickup new items. Have someone a solution for that?