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  1. Hey, what about the new bot that was working and soon screenshots and info would come?? ''we can proudly say that the new undetected bot for WoW Classic works!'' we can proudly say that the new undetected bot for WoW Classic works! </p> <p> Development is going quik and currently costs us alot of time and money... We have developed a new anti detection system.<br> With this new development we are protected from blizzards anti cheat detection system<br> Premium members will have access to the Beta version that can be released anytime now! </p> <p> Would you like to support us? or get premium to test the beta version?<br> Please hit that Donate button! </p> <p> Info coming in the next weeks with videos/screenshots (Beta version for premium members will be there) </p> Would love to see the bot or hear some news about it? anyone got beta test?
  2. Hey man could u reupload the file you uploaded here? 

    It was taken down

  3. Name of Buddstore Product: TuanHA Hunter - The Ultimate Experience Buddystore Version and release date: Version: 6.2.5834 (12/23/2015 4:32:01 AM) CDstore version(if applicable): 6.2.5819 Link to buddystore item:
  4. what link?
  5. but i tought everyone could have it not only vip
  6. were is the other post then? please link it to me
  7. ofc it will works i have allredy tested it
  8. Heroes of the Storm Leaked Alpha! Download: 1. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9FAC36C9B8BAC3EA7F01026964AA534BC88C1413 2. Heros configor Download MapSwitcher v6 How to start the Game: 1. Open MapSwitcher.exe or Heroesconfig.exe 2. Launch Heroes through StormSwitcher.exe in Support folder of Heroes installation 3. At login screen, alt-tab to MapSwitcher or Heroesconfig, pick map/char you want and hit patch. 4. Alt-tab back into Heroes, open the menu (Tab, Tab, F10) and hit "Play Tutorial".
  9. it's amazing to VIP you sould try it =D
  10. make sure you have intall this one =) MEGA.CO.NZ
  11. install and