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  1. Hi mate just saw your comment on one of the posts about a working windows 10 honor buddy with plugins and bots and profiles etc,   I'm busting for this matey! Is there any chance I would be able to get this from you? I'm on a cata server so it's the 4.3.4 one I need :)

  2. I'll be posting this as the new 4.3.4 server comes online (Project-Nightfall) Right now there seems to be no active 4.3.4 servers anyway. Also, I just got ahold of a bunch of new plugins and profiles. Allrounder Jumpy RareKiller Full PvP Suit etc
  3. wow

    Hey, thanks for the response. I actually solved the issue. I had done the math just a tiny bit wrong. Placed in the right order now, I get the desired results. Cheers!
  4. wow

    Greetings, I've been trying for days to figure out how to calculate where I need to turn in order to face my waypoint. I am aware that there's been several threads created asking for this - in which solutions has been posted. However, nothing is giving me equitable results. So the question is: How do I calculate what my player rotation has to be (out of PI*2) in order to face my waypoint which is at: X:55.24, Y:66.89 I get my player rotation from the wow API - GetPlayerFacing(). The coordinates I'm working with are formatted as such: 55.71, 67,51 This is one of the functions I've tried (Which has returned utterly wrong angles) It's however returning something... But I found no pattern in the results: C#
  5. Run wow & bot from win7
  6. If you still have errors, run from windows 7
  7. I have a personal bot (just fishing bot though), it works with all versions of wow (including retail). It's as undetected as can be. But it would be paid software if I ever make it public. If someone offers the right price I'd be willing to sell the source/full rights too.
  8. If there's any interest in HB for 4.3.4 still, I have a functional HB with working questing profiles, plugins, classes, etc. - It also works on Windows 10. Let me know if anyone is interested, (Don't PM me, just post in this thread and I'll create a new thread if there is interest)
  9. You have missed the fact that meshes are incomplete, which means this bot doesn't work in most of Outlands nor Northrend. I would strongly recommend using piroxbot for botting in those areas as it does not use meshing.
  10. Updated post with Windows 10 patcher.
  11. Trying it out now.
  12. Version 2.1 is now uploaded. This version has the option to install the correct "hosts" file automatically. Thanks for reporting the link down! Sandstrom
  13. It does work on Windows 10 in some cases, this probably depends on some sort of pre-installed software on your individual machine. Currently I do not know of a solid solution to running it on Windows 10, except for using vmware and setting up Windows 7 there.