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  1. This will not work anymore and will not get any updates. It is dead, Jim.
  2. Project is dead for more than one year.
  3. 304 days without any real news.
  4. We are just a gaming community and CDPatcher does not work. Edit: Downvote all you want, who cares. Also both statements are from the admins.
  5. This is a gaming community, not a problem solver for non working bots.
  6. It is unlikely that there will be any working CDPatcher in the near or distant future.
  7. I think any other wow bot related site can help you a lot more. Try honorbuddy forum
  8. They have limit the auctions per day to 200. (for a good reason )
  9. Cool stuff, I coded similar in Python months ago (fully automated), but the daily limit for the web AH makes it nearly useless