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  1. [WTT]

    Are you allowed to trade your account? Should check with mods/admins if you haven't. If allowed then good luck mate.
  2. Botting WoW could make you some extra $$$ a month
  3. Nice! Not that I would use this since I play retail but I like the contribution! Well done!
  4. Maxihuset whats the link to your 70k views video?
  5. Projects like these takes time. OnT: Awesome!
  6. Wow! It looks really cool! I'm for sure gonna try it once i'm able
  7. --

    There are many of them. I do not have one atm since I've not been in the scene for a while but just check Hackforums and I'm sure you'll find something.
  8. Nice, I'm for sure gonna have a look at this once I'm done with my exams.
  9. 0xd4d deserves more credits then size 1 text top-right! OnT: This is an awesome piece of software.
  10. Why not delete these posts and lock this thread? No reason for anyone to write anything here really