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  1. Never gonna let you bot, never gonna give you crack
  2. well, CD team could make some other bot cracks, but seems that they dont want to
  3. Проще говоря, не работает и не будет работать ещё долго
  4. dont forget democracy in Cuba!
  5. Nope, you're not Because cracks (for ALL games, not just WoW) are down for a long time
  6. Fixed for a great justice :DD
  7. Or maybe "new owners" == "bossland"
  8. is cracked DB working now?
  9. for the last two-three days bot dumbing so hard...
  10. yep seems that navigation servers is not compatible with CD at the moment so bot just stucking
  11. Hello! Have a usual problem with nod32 and cdpatcher Tried to use advice from this post: But nod still want to pass cdpatcher as "ok" process =\ I will delete nod32 a bit later, if i wont find the solution, but anyway, do you have any ideas?
  12. No RMAH (and even items trading) - no money =(
  13. This, please Since GW2 is "free" =)