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  1. didn't work for me nothing.. it still wants me to upgrade from free to premium Edited: Forget it, it works now! Thanks
  2. yes i did, tried with many locations,but same result
  3. I get this message all the time (in this location, there is 5 pokestops "[01:10:52] Found 0 pokestops [01:10:52] Visited all Pokestops in the area, will now walk back to the start and repeat from there. Distance to start: 0m. [01:10:52] Distance to target location: 0 meters. Will take 0 seconds! [01:10:52] We are within 40 meters of the target. Speeding down to 10 km/h to not pass the target."
  4. Kane, do you think it would be plausible to add another line in the code there, i really want to use the berries before throwing the balls. just to be sure they don't manage to get out of the balls
  5. i would like to ask the same and some berries would also be nice... just force it to use one each time you wanna catch a pokemon
  6. no, every time you catch an unwanted pokemon just add "//" in front of the pokemon transfer code snippet you don't want to transfer fx. private static async Task TransferAllButStrongestUnwantedPokemon(Client client) { // Below are the pokemon types that we are throwing away. var unwantedPokemonTypes = new[] { // PokemonIds.V0016PokemonPidgey, // PokemonIds.V0019PokemonRattata, // PokemonIds.V0013PokemonWeedle, PokemonIds.V0041PokemonZubat, PokemonIds.V0010PokemonCaterpie, // PokemonIds.V0017PokemonPidgeotto, PokemonIds.V0029PokemonNidoran, PokemonIds.V0046PokemonParas, PokemonIds.V0048PokemonVenonat, // PokemonIds.V0054PokemonPsyduck, PokemonIds.V0060PokemonPoliwag, PokemonIds.V0079PokemonSlowpoke, PokemonIds.V0096PokemonDrowzee, PokemonIds.V0092PokemonGastly, PokemonIds.V0118PokemonGoldeen, PokemonIds.V0120PokemonStaryu, PokemonIds.V0129PokemonMagikarp, PokemonIds.V0133PokemonEevee, PokemonIds.V0147PokemonDratini, PokemonIds.V0100PokemonVoltorb, PokemonIds.V0081PokemonMagnemite, PokemonIds.V0021PokemonSpearow }; (its found in the program.cs) This will make sure that pidgy, rattata, weedle, pidgeotto and psydocks not get transfered.
  7. Somehow every pokemon the bot tries to catch gets away... is there any way i can make sure the app manages to catch it? maybe forces it to use berries or great balls on specific pokemons
  8. I keep getting "Retry request https://pgorelease.nianticlabs.com/plfe/rpc" in the cmd
  9. The cracked bot is down #Spawnlike. will be up soon... i hope
  10. i can't load profiles. any ideas? when i select my profile it just says (and i have selected the correct type of bot for my profile); " This profile does not contain Any profiles fitting the character! Bot Stopped! Reason: This profile does not contain Any profiles fitting the character! Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Bot Stopped! Reason: Object reference not set to an instance of an object." (google translate used)