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  1. i dont have any idea what the hell you talk about
  2. No, the original bot has closed service.
  3. Mhh well at least you found a way to still use it I dont know exactly but it should not be too hard to do a little re-code of this
  4. Cleaned up the last thread inputs.
  5. First of all thanks for the kind words Well i cannot say why it stopped working , i honestly never tested the main part of PwnBoxer, i just removed the login / auth parts. But from what you tell me , it sounds like it could be a windows 10 issue yes.. Maybe just for the interest, try setting up a windows 7 / 8 virtual machine real quick with a trial version of windows and copy over the WoW Client and PwnBoxer. If it does not work there either , report it to me . I will try to test it at my home computer later with 3.3.5a too and post the result .
  6. This topic was locked. If anything official is on its way , Staff will let you know .
  7. did i miss something ? what new bot ? Developed by who? Why am i not into the dev
  8. i tested serval methods such as the good old fake server emulation which works well but in the end still at least ONE ACTIVE legit account has to stay in the system to recieve the new offsets from the server otherwise the crack wont work at all .
  9. This is how a good response with a valid account logged in looks like stripped down and sorted. 17: iDhzDi+BC; iDhtsi+h; iDhtsi+C; iDhtsi+lh; iDhtsi+Dbt; iDhtsi+DAt; iDhtli+h; iDhtsi+DAh; iDhzDi+ii; iDhzDi+iC; iDhzDi+At; iDhzDi+lhh; iDhzDi+lls; iDhzDi+lli; iDhzDi+lss; iDhzDi+lst; iDhzDi+lsE; iDhzDi+lzh; iDhzDi+lms; iDhzDi+lzC; iDhzDi+lzE; iDhzDi+lts; iDhzDi+lzt; iDhzDi+lze; iDhzDi+ltt; iDhzDi+lte; iDhzDi+lti: ExitLoop; 1; @SW_SHOW; \dliteaf_; tessdata; Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL LINKS; duelit; settings.ini; npcColors.ini; gatefarm.ini; npcColorConfig.ini; easyasfark_duelit; dliteaf_*:1573120247 The very last number looks like it could be the remaining time for the account expiration. The top looks like offsets . This being said, it looks like not possible to patch the software unless you get your hands on the required offsets on your own.. Server only sends the login OK token when user is valid in the database. In the same response it sends the offsets.
  10. This is the whole login code Looks like we just need a fake server response or maybe just patch out the EXIT code
  11. Possibly the first interesting line of code = $ha = InetRead($ck & "/duelitAuth.php?user=" & $h2 & "&pass=" & $h9 & "&v=" & $cj & "&h=" & $h7 & "&sess=" & $h6 & "&pc=1", 1)
  12. hi , i took a quick look on the bot for duel links here : Download the files here = Coding language = AutoIT 3.X Decompiled with pearl script taken from here : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reversing // DAY 01 - Decompiled the files - Sniffed WEB traffic ( File is sending SSL encrypted traffic to host ) - Weblinks extracted from binaries. DECOMPILED CODE =
  13. THIS IS A CANCELED PROJECT! as the noob bot is not being worked on anymore and got open sourced , i thought i could move this former VIP release to the public so anyone can go back in time and get their hands on older releases and their offsets for whatever reasons. Have fun.
  14. This topic has been moved from "VIP Releases" to "General Releases"
  15. what is this