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  1. Haha sorry but i gotta laugh. Well this file is clean which i posted. I have studied the source code in order to crack it so i can say that for sure. It seems to me that you are a very unexperienced user who is scared of malware warnings that are false positives. Google that. it has been explained in the web a trillion times before. But anyways let me give you a lifesaver : Use a VM or at least sandboxie so noobs like you wont infect themselves that quick when downloading shitloads of cracks and whatever from sources that MAY be not safe. Cheers
  2. same here, count me in
  3. Yeah please write me at discord so i dont forget this . The auth should be no problem since there is already a tool
  4. Nice ! Is it public ? If theres a Git i would be happy to help
  5. yea basically getting more into that bot software topic
  6. Thanks for participating! Well yeah creative topics for reversing / sharing or discussing exploitable stuff and coding would be also my favourite thing to get going here ++
  7. Hi together, since we all know the situation on here is quite ... dead. So i thought many times what could we do to relive the golden time where the forum was active. Please write in this thread what you want to see here, why you come here and what could we do to make the forum better / alive again. Thank you very much in advance
  8. I have plans for reversing / coding again but maybe this wont happen HERE. Anyways, please dont rape a 6 year old thread out of its grave - thanks
  9. MODERATION NOTE: since there is some report going on i wont yet clear this thread but when i see ANYTHING not related to the threads topic or support questions regarding this thread it will count as SPAM which will get you warned - or banned. Keep it clean !
  10. Thanks anyways mate
  11. you are welcome If theres a update just message me with the new files
  12. Since CSS / CSGO is quite popular i thought about re-launching the project of our own community based hack. The advantages are: - Small userbase means less chance to get detected by VAC - Simple but working cheats - Feature requests can be added better since there are not tons of them I thought about a super simple Anti Leak system (that i wont discuss here) that proved in the past that its really good working. It would be Hardware ID based / Sessionkey based per user. Maybe we also could use the CD username / passwords to login to the cheat. Tell me what you think, and reply at least with a "count me in" so i know how many would like to use such thing but also write down which features you would use THE MOST. Example : Count me in , ESP and RADAR
  13. I am not a WoW player at all i dont even know where i can find a trainer ingame lol but i always liked the 2.4.3 version of the game and since WoWAdmin panel and the EmuHacker tools are packed and stuff so people dont know whats really going on inside there. I started this open source version of a lookalike of these and who knows maybe theres someone like me here and wants to contribute on this project View the code : Download the testing build :
  14. You need to have .Net Framework installed i guess. No problems for my Host system nor win 7 or 10
  15. Website : Download crack only : Download setup original untouched : i dont include Virustotal links because you should know what you are doing plus they are useless anyways. I guarantee the safety of this release as always with my name and reputation since i analyze the software anyways.