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  1. Website : Download crack only : Download setup original untouched : i dont include Virustotal links because you should know what you are doing plus they are useless anyways. I guarantee the safety of this release as always with my name and reputation since i analyze the software anyways.
  2. i dont have any idea what the hell you talk about
  3. No, the original bot has closed service.
  4. Mhh well at least you found a way to still use it I dont know exactly but it should not be too hard to do a little re-code of this
  5. Cleaned up the last thread inputs.
  6. First of all thanks for the kind words Well i cannot say why it stopped working , i honestly never tested the main part of PwnBoxer, i just removed the login / auth parts. But from what you tell me , it sounds like it could be a windows 10 issue yes.. Maybe just for the interest, try setting up a windows 7 / 8 virtual machine real quick with a trial version of windows and copy over the WoW Client and PwnBoxer. If it does not work there either , report it to me . I will try to test it at my home computer later with 3.3.5a too and post the result .
  7. THIS IS A CANCELED PROJECT! as the noob bot is not being worked on anymore and got open sourced , i thought i could move this former VIP release to the public so anyone can go back in time and get their hands on older releases and their offsets for whatever reasons. Have fun.
  8. This topic has been moved from "VIP Releases" to "General Releases"
  9. what is this
  10. Been a while but heres a up to date Counter strike source cheat: features : - Crosshair - Radar (Obvioulsly) - Playernames - Player Health F1 andF2 switch radar mode (Enemy only etc) F3 = Exit Original Source = Updated 08.11.18 Download = MOD Download = MOD Source code Github = - Radar position changed - color changes VirusTotal Scan = Screenshot MOD = Screenshot Original =
  11. IDK , ill ask on discord
  12. Brief me what you did and what error messages you got
  13. Before you download , please read the following : This is NOT a cracked file. This is a LOCAL auth server emulator written ONLY for the guild wars 2 auto trading post bot . This SHOULD work with the original bot files for 2.3.2 and below. Please read the readme file included in the download !!! Quick instructions : - Download and unpack in new folder - Run the file "startme.bat" - This will start the server emulator (Admin privilegues will get asked) - the host file editor (Admin privilegues will get asked) and the readme file. Please allow any admin privilegues asked by the server emulator such as for Apache2 and MySQL server otherwise this will not work. - Enter on the left side of the host file editor and the url "" on the right so the local auth server can handle the auth request being sent by the GW2 BOT. - Use cracked bot or normal bot files and login. Should work now. Ask questions here . Download Auth Server Emulator :!RsAXFAgY!XKKMMdqpS0RzVXuKcqmAxjUiPLPEHPldqa1EuTTfHaw Download OLD cracked 2.3.2 BOT :!ElBizIAC!yxFMAAvDHDShWOmEp567pyaIFH_1nyFAABGSQyOpzH4