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  1. There's software for checking that kind of stuff, not only here but it covers lot of forums ^^ Actually I forgot all about you and who you were, untill I saw the claim of you delivering anything at all pre-legion. -I haven't wasted my time on it, if that what you thought I can also produce fake proof of something that's not true, by going back and edit an old thread or take credit for someone elses work. Not much proof is it, bring me some undeniable proof and I'll believe you. -Dude, you must be fun to have as a guest at parties I would like to see you, actually, building something from the ground up. -Since you claim that's what you do. Yes Firehawk was free. You could skip donation and go directly to use the program free of charge with 48 hours delay. I have no knowledge of the others, as I was only an affiliated provider. Not part of the core team, never claimed to be. I simply made advertisement in other words. -And you're still on ignore, seems you don't even know how that works. I'm amazed
  2. There's no record of you delivering anything pre-legion
  3. undetected

    " We invite you to meet us in our discord. We invite you to meet us in our discord. " -You wrote it 2 times, dw I'll edit this comment to something like "1st!!" ^^ I haven't used hacks or cheats for years, but. -Scan, safe? -Bypass/setup? -Video proof of functions/that it works. profit ???? If this is a solely paid product besides the 1 day free during the test period you might want to make a thread in the WTB/WTS forum once the launch is over
  4. Thank you, decent work
  5. You are making fun of yourself, by making such a big deal out of something small. Learn to differ between humoristic/appreciative and offensive "remarks". There's no need to let your world fall apart, and get so fired up, because of such a small innocent reply on your thread -However the wondering was quite sincere, and appreciative. Beside that, cowboy, while u might've delivered "every single zygor since 2013", it has not been here you've done so and I bet you didn't crack them yourself since you have "providers". And you've only been member since 2016 here..... So, technically, your just uploading and providing a link, sounds familiar????? -However I appreciate you doing it Yes, I am downloading your files, among other people who uploads it, depending on who's faster to release the latest update that's where I get it. -Since Firehawk is no more. I have no problem with that either, should i have a problem with it? I'm usually quite mellow and easy to communicate to, with a bit of humor. But you really wanna do this, don't you? -While I was not part of "the team" as you say, I was a Provider, affiliate as they called it. Which is in terms is.... "Just sharing a link" yes, combined with an insane amount advertising and POSITIVE interaction with both leechers and VIP users -Also, before Firehawk was even a thing, I did exactly what you are doing now, mainly based off of Whoknowsit's updates from elitepvpers. However not only that but I accumulated all the best provided updates I could find around the web and gathered them here, in one place, every update shortly after release. -I went to use Firehawk, because it was better and easier, more simple and never failed to keep an update. There was no longer any need for doing a lot of time-consuming, tedious, useless work that created waiting time, which caused that people would spend that time to go to another forum to download the same thing. -This was no longer a problem with Firehawk. It brought people into one place, instead of scattering them across a lot of smaller, manually updated communities. When you searched "Zygor guide free" on google, "Codedeception, GetFirehawk" would be no. 1. Now there's "Metawow, se7ensins and even firestorm", and ofc. there's "Elitepvpers" too, loooong before codedeception on google. Which is okay for me, I wasn't doing it for the "Look at me, I'm so cool, I'm providing some shit for people" or anything similar, but because "Sharing is caring" - sometimes too much according to some Exactly like you express yourself, I was just happy Zygor addon went out for free. I still am no matter who does it - now it's just more work without Firehawk. But I am happy you do that work. TL:DR. 1. You started throwing remarks, I only wondered who it might've been providing, since then I've only been answering your "snarky remarks". 2. While you say I might've only "posted a link" it was certainly far more effective advertising and providing than you are currently doing. 3. I am still happy you do what you do, no matter your attitude However I'm not gonna waste more time on your imbecile kindergarten tantrum, thanks for the download. -I'm REALLY sorry I publicly expressed my wondering on who your provider was(sarcasm, look it up). LOL
  6. Easy now there, cowboy. I'm not trying to make fun of you, but you are making somewhat fun of yourself No, I haven't touched or provided anything since Firehawk decided to come to an end. However, I have huge respect for those that worked on it, the stable work they did and the community that were around it. Yes, why yes I do. it's nothing offensive, nor trying to take credits. Just a little appreciative wondering on who your provider was and why that someone would be anon, don't be so up-tight I did what I could, for the time being, now i'm lurking for sum time untill I find a new gig. Indeed
  7. Unnamed, wonder who that could be
  8. Interesting, can anyone confirm? -What wallets work for this? Link(s) please. -How much does it take on PC-Performance? -What happens if you have more than one window open, like split-screen? Performance on both mining and PC?
  9. That does sound like fun
  10. This ^^ And thanks for Sharing Suspense
  11. So, I came across this small fun browser game called Slither, more or less snake 3.0. Check it out So if u like the game, why not cheat? here (google extension) Credit to the creator of both the game and the cheat, (no idea who they are)
  12. No no.. We need someone around the forum we can tease and to tease us <3
  13. Hmm, I haven't multiboxed for a while. -Maybe time to pick it up again xD
  14. A welcome from here, as well as a Big thanks to @Suspense and the crew that has put their back into this project. It has been an honor and a privilege to Be on a forum managed by you. As for the new team, I hope you will be managing it with good hearth and that the site will bring you as well as the community much joy ^^ Panic.