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  2. I show you an intivirus scan. It's not possible that your problem comes from this hack. If you're not happy, go find another hack elsewhere. We don't share infected files :@ You're lucky I'm more of a moderator. I would have banned you.
  3. Hi you can leave him when he takes the quest. Or you can remove it from the xml profile. But you had to remove the name and id and coordinate them. You have to delete everything about this quest.
  4. yes it's a private server. Don't expect it to work perfectly. Using singular is pretty stable.
  5. Well look at that. </QuestOrder> can only be used with questbot. Be clear in what you want. You want to make gold go to utgarde keep. Everything depends on your ilvl.
  6. The bot comes to this npc. Because it's written in profile. But seen that you play on a private server. Your experience rate is higher. The bot loses his head and misses the quest. Or brings you the quest that bot had to do. Or you go to the xml profile. You found this npc. And you delete the whole line with the coordinates. From now on. Send me your log file every time.
  7. You had to bring him a quette that he forgot to take. Or delete this pnj in the quest profile.