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  1. Hello I use 3 addons that change the interface a bit. Dominos - for change action bar. Tidy Plates - change everyone's life bar. UnitFramesImproved - change my life bar. If you need UnitFramesImproved for Wotlk. You need to download the 1.4.4 version of Cataclysm.
  2. This is an old version. Authe must be re-coded. We really don't have time for that. Which version are you talking about HB?
  3. Worse than that. Pandawow has stayed on version 5.4.2. In 2021...
  4. For VIPs it's already updated!
  5. We are not the creators of this hbpatcher. We don't have to update it. You go to ownedcore and ask him.
  6. We take note. But if this is the problem of offsets. You have to settle for another mounts
  7. We will try to see your problem tonight.
  8. And nothing makes this bug go away? A new installation of HB or some other manipulation?
  9. Why do you have so much hb.exe? Delete everything and download the new version. Installs nothing else in HB. Delete the cache in C:\Users\Likon69\AppDataLocalBossland
  10. In the bot's settings you tell it which mount to use?
  11. You have two HB.exe. One for use between 1-20. And one between 20-90. Please use the appropriate exe for your levels.
  12. ... This is an old plugin from the time of the dinosaurs. At the time it worked very well disenchanting things as they should.
  13. For this plugin to work properly you need a profile. Thanks for sharing