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  1. Hi Are you throwing the wow with hbrelog? It's important, otherwise you'll get a 132 error.
  2. Update 9.0 *5 very very handy plugin. HB_Toggle : You can pause/stop. Just binde a key in the plugin settings. AutoPrecision : Will improve your travel. Always keeps you active. FieldRepair : Force HB used Traveler's Tundra Mammoth to repair. And MOLL-E for email. MrLootBind PickBuddy PickBuddyNoMove *Profiles : Pangaea 1-85 Grinding 2020 (A) And a mass of other profiles that I don't remember Good games to you
  3. Give him time to prepare everything well
  4. Hello Try to use "Zerfall". Place it in CustomClasses next to "singular" and "ShamWOW".
  5. can you share your discord with me so that I can tell you more about my experience? (in pm) you have in bot settings some functions that disable this feature. Please read the manual I am sharing in the guide please. On apollo 2 the Gnome works very well. The draenei have a problem of portal that I am lazy to correct. I have a long list of bugs to fix. I will add it
  6. Hello to you! Which server are you playing on? For the gnomes I'm sure it doesn't bug. It depends on your server. For the Draenei if you make the quette after a while it will try to take a portal. Because it's written in the quette profile. Normally in patch 4.0.3 blizzard put a portal there. These are private servers and they are very different from Official. how the quettes are scripted in game or just the offsets. I have already started to make this video. You've written me on youtube?
  7. Honorbuddy, How to create Grind profiles [ZapGB2Recorder]
  8. Every day I continue to optimise the alliance. So that it is 100% afk satisfaction. This version of the bot remains a beta so the profiles must be impeccable. Do not hesitate to reload the file. If you would like me to measure a SVN in place for this project. Just let me know
  9. Myself I found some error. Sorry, it takes a long time to test every class and every situation.
  10. I modify these profiles to pay tribute to Botanists.He left us 5 years ago. He was a nice guy who was excellent at creating xml profiles. Peace to his soul. Now they are 4.3.4 compatible. All race(For Worgen you have to leave the departure area and go to Stormwin). All classes. First I make Alliance. The horde will come later. What It Does: Pangaea is a leveling profile that detects your faction/ level and automatically changes to the appropriate profile for your character. It is essentially a fancy griding profile written on the "Questing" bot base to allow much more functionality than a "Grinding" bot base profile. It does complete some quest, approximately (15) but, only the quest reqired for it to navigate in wow by opening portal or gates such as those leading into Vale of Eternal Blossoms . You need 4 bags 16+ and 250-400 gold. Requirements: 1. The profile will require a total of 1005 gold for riding training. ( Apprentice Riding [5g level 20] + Journeyman Riding [50g level 40] + Expert Riding [250g level 60] + Flight Master's License [250g level 68] + Cold Weather Flying [500g level 68] ) Make sure you character has the appropriate amount of gold before they reach each threshold. All or the majority of riding cost will looted by your character. 2. Use the Autoeqip plugin for Honorbuddy to equip looted gear, DrinkPotions, Talented and Tidy Bags 3. The better your characters gear, the faster it will level. If possible, periodically purchase level appropriate gear, but it is not a requirement. 3. DO NOT alter the profile structure. Directions: 1. Log into WoW. 2. Log into Honorbuddy. 3. Select Questing as the bot base. 4. Click the load profile tab on the honorbuddy window. 5. Browse to the \XXX\Pangaea\ folder. 6. Double click on [QO][Botanist][Pangaea-Auto-loader] . 7. Make sure you have downloaded a Routine for your character. The default Honorbuddy Routine, Singular comes pre-installed with Honorbuddy. 8, Make sure you are on the correct comtinent as instructed in the requirements above 9. Click start on the honorbuddy window. DOWNLOAD VT In the past I have lost all the private profiles of Botanist. If you have shared them with me please This is the first time I've touched xml. Test if you encounter any errors share them with me.