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  1. Can you please have a moderator give me the post you made for my application?

  2. Hey there everyone! I'm now announcing a beta to test out what I've been working on. This is an in process hack which does not unlock lua for the game to run in an unprotected state for any function to be called, but rather the execution occurs from the created functions I introduce that execute the similar protected functions. This was started as a learning process for myself, and has slowly progressed into something more and more. It's primary features are as follows: -ni can run PQR profiles now by just placing the PQR folder in the appropriate class folder (requires the Rotations and Abilities files) -nHub can inject to 3.3.5a and 5.4.8 (only 18414 servers at the moment for 5.4.8, and not full functionality that 3.3.5a has is in the MoP version) -nHub provides injection to unlimited wow 3.3.5a processes -nHub can be used as a launcher if you create a shortcut and specify the word "new" at the end of the Target text field (without the quotation marks), when used like this nHub will use all the last previous settings and not open the GUI, just simply launch a wow and inject it -nHub allows for profiles to be accessed from the hub without the user needing the script locally (good feature for the profile developers out there because your script is only loaded on their injection and not stored locally, they cannot see the source code or share it to -All injected functions and the DLL have their names obfuscated prior to injection to prevent the servers that check for a variable on login, or if their warden scans for specific modules. Provides extra functions such as: -enemies in range (populates table of all enemies in the specified distance where you can then check line of sight, or buffs/debuffs and cast on them without ever targeting/focusing the unit, unit you query the enemies table can be the player or any visible or known unit in the games object manager) -friendlies in range (Same as enemies in range but for friendly units) -units targeting a unit (good for healers to prioritize healing a bit more when the script can know a unit has 5 mobs attacking one of its members) -reading auras to find buffs that you normally can't see (i.e. passives) -distance checking from player to unit, or between units -checking line of sight to a target -behind check -facing check -move to unit -stop moving -face unit -target unit -interact unit (will add button in gui, this is for times you cannot click something you can type its name and it will simulate the click to interact; i.e. a dead mob that is covered by too much) -Get spellbook which can be used to know all spell ids, names, facing requirements -and a wrapper for the following protected lua functions: CastSpellByName/CastSpellByID, RunMacroText, UseInventoryItem, SpellStopCasting - Casting allows ground effect casts to cast at enemy location without mouse (like a auto death and decay on a healer if they have 4 mobs on them, if scripted for it, it could auto cast that without interaction) -All Unit type functions that normally exist in wow's lua can pass the GUID to (ability to check buffs/etc from the object manager tables) -Injects all the "addon" into the game, so custom lua files can be added easily -Lua that gets injected includes a built in toggle system for aoe hard set, cooldown toggle, pause modifier and 1 custom one (in the profiles I will include eventually include that for the buff modifier). -"Addon" functions include a built in table for the members group (in party or raid) found in the ni.members table. Overrides for main tank and off tank in the GUI. Allows for easy profile making as there is a centralized members table that is populated on each update and is sorted to always have the first member be the lowest health (if dead then last) -Auto follow feature to set someone as follow. This will make melee classes follow that unit and then swap to that units target if in combat and then follow the mob it’s fighting till dead and then return to the follow unit. (Great for multi boxers) To use this program, download the latest release from the git, unzip it to any location you would like and run the nHub executable as administrator. As shown below on the right hand side you can inject all running wow processes, individually running processes or start a new one that it injects on launch. The profile hub is implemented as a means for sharing profiles among users, but the uploads can only come from specified members (DM me on discord if you are interested). If you have an already running process running it must be ran as administrator. The profile hub, or nHub as I call it allows for registration which will allow for the soon the be implemented profile assignment from creator to user. Profile creators can specify whether or not a profile can be free to the public or accessible only upon their circumstances. Additionally, the profiles are streamed to the user during the injection process, so they never need to store the script on their computer (they can if you allow the profile to be downloaded, but then they'll see all your code and how you do what you do). If you wish to use my current profiles you must first register, which can all be done in the application (as seen below). I do not charge for the profiles I have, and I will be releasing more of what I have but I slowly need to port stuff over. nHub also has a built in text editor, as I call it nEditor, where you can create new profiles if you would like. Please see below for a few examples of the editor in action. The editor when used for creating new files will place them in the correct folder and create the basic format needed for your profile to start going. I do not have a separation between an ability file and a rotation file, it is all ran from the single one you create. The program is written in C# with .NET 4.7.1 as the framework. nHub (injector, profile hub, launcher) nHubs built in editor (lua syntax highlighting) In Game GUI (default toggle once in game is F12) Look for this slider frame at the center top of your wow Clicking the X or the check with a right click will enable or disable your last active profile. Left clicking will open the settings GUI. docked undocked and enabled undocked and disabled Discord: ni Git: Scott/ni - ni - Gitea: Git with a cup of tea This has been tested on Warmane, FireStorm, Heroes WoW 3.3.5a servers. The DLL has the capability to do basic things like ni.spell.cast on FireStorms 5.4.8 but I have not fully implemented the object manager there. Because of this, I don't have it check for the expansion and it will only work for 3.3.5a. If I get more time to look into 5.4.8 or have more interest there I will shift my work a bit. Included Profiles (Check Discord/Nhub) Code Paladin: -Holy (blizzlike) -Ret (blizzlike) Priest -Shadow (With smart auto dot on custom modifier, will auto dot everything within a certain radius of target) (blizzlike and hwow) -Discipline (Code has portions for some casts commented out because my character isn't geared enough to be spamming a lot of heals) (blizzlike) Druid -Balance (blizzlike) -Restoration (blizzlike) -Feral - Bear (Hwow) -Feral - Cat (hwow) Death Knight -Blood (blizzlike) Shaman: -Enhancement (Heroes WoW and blizzlike) -Restoration (hwow and blizzlike) Warlock: -Affliction (Blizzlike) Warrior: -DPS (Heroes WoW) **More to follow** Known Issues -On servers like heroes wow, after using donor or voter scrolls you have to hit escape in order for execution to continue (problem is seen without even having wow injected, looking at ways to overcome this; any other items don't cause issues) -Computers that have special characters in their file paths may cause issues ** Using this program may result in the loss of your account. I am not held responsible for any losses while using this program.
  3. lmfao i wouldn't trust this site as far as i could throw it. They don't even have a basic understanding of english. Whenever someone tells me their program requirements are "Speed internet" and "No Old CPU" that's a red flag. If you actually want a good pixelbot i recommend PixelMagic by WiNiFiX. He's a known person in the community and has been for years. Don't trust some random bot nobody has ever heard of which uses broken english to market their product. Slack chat for PixelMagic
  4. I don't play retail & haven't for a long time, but still @Rainsky I appreciate you releasing this stuff. Always nice to see new things released here, community is very quiet these days.
  5. Is there any cracks for vanilla wrobot? i know tbc-legion is cracked but can't find any cracked 1.12 releases. Any help would be appreciated lol
  6. his works on windows 10, the old one only works on windows 7. 4.3.4 HB was 32 bit. Broly (i think) Released an updated 64 bit exe for windows 10
  7. I would like this for archive purposes, i have a pretty large dropbox with a collection of old hb's/lua/pqr & some earlier stuff. Missing the x64 4.3.4 (which you have :P)
  8. Does this contain the gold guides and such? They usually get left out of leaks mainly looking for them for 3.3.5/4.3.4
  9. It's because the Freakz team modified their exe, hid the functions for ObjMgr + Lua & they did it well enough that we have no idea what to do, lol. I have knowledge but just not enough to understand what they have done, lol. Haven't tried any reversing for about 3 years and that was bypassing the authentication on a shitty script for a runescape botting program.
  10. 20 Hours later and i STILL can't find the Lua_DoStringAddress Offset, Fuck knows what they have done. Located it via a byte string, still no dice.... This is completely beyond me, Oh well. I envy you pleya, now i have no MoP server to play. Back to being MIA until CoreCraft. :l
  11. Process of elimination, It's either that Offset or the ObjMgr. The fact Cpoworks said that the others "Rarely Change" is what makes me believe we have to find the others too, but need info on HOW to do it first ;p Trying to work out what the error is that it spits out every time i try to execute pqr. I'm probably just as in the dark as you are here. :l Edit: What we need is pLeYA to step up to the mark and give us a bit info on how he achieved it. Edit Again: So after a little digging i managed to find how to identify: ClntObjMgrGetActivePlayerObj: ClntObjMgrGetActivePlayerObj:Search for E8 ?? ?? ?? ??68 ?? 00 00 00 68 ?? ?? ?? ?? 6A 10First function returned should be desired function. This was early retail mop, anyone willing to have a go can do as they wish, i'll be updating in a few hours. gonna keep digging
  12. Having the exact same problem. Getting really fucking annoying. Freakz Crashing when PQR executes script. I believe: ClntObjMgrGetActivePlayerObjAddress Is wrong too, no idea how to find it. My offsets: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Offsets> <CurrentWoWVersion>18414</CurrentWoWVersion> <WoWVersionOffset>0xC7B6EF</WoWVersionOffset> <PlayerName>0xEC4668</PlayerName> <PlayerClass>0xE63154</PlayerClass> <GetCurrentKeyBoardFocus>0xBB292C</GetCurrentKeyBoardFocus> <GameState>0xD65626</GameState> <Lua_DoStringAddress>0x4FD12</Lua_DoStringAddress> <Lua_GetLocalizedTextAddress>0x1DC9CE</Lua_GetLocalizedTextAddress> <CVarBaseMgr>0xD65E08</CVarBaseMgr> <CVarArraySize>0x400</CVarArraySize> <ObjMgr>0xCB479C</ObjMgr> <CurMgr>0x462C</CurMgr> <ClntObjMgrGetActivePlayerObjAddress>0x4E9C</ClntObjMgrGetActivePlayerObjAddress> <LocalGUID>0xE8</LocalGUID> <FirstObject>0xCC</FirstObject> <NextObject>0x34</NextObject> <Descriptors>0x4</Descriptors> <Obj_TypeOffset>0xC</Obj_TypeOffset> <Obj_X>0x838</Obj_X> <Obj_TargetGUID>0x16</Obj_TargetGUID> <ClickTerrain>0</ClickTerrain> </Offsets>
  13. I really wish people would stop reposting PQRmailers profiles. But whatever, Thanks all the same. Something different would be nice from time to time.
  14. Put simply L2 play class skrub, No Free conq. GG WP
  15. Hey there, just got back into playing wotlk, was wondering if any of you had any profiles lying around. PVE or PVP it does not matter, i'm just trying to build up a nice collection of rotations since all the ones i have atm came from @PQMailer and don't work very well on english clients. I have plenty of 4.3/5.4 profiles i could offer for trade in return. Also have a copy of vitalic Rogue private server pack which i would trade. Thanks. ~Most Wanted List~ PVP Frost DK PVP UNH DK PVP Disc PVP Holy Pala PVP AWarr