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  1. lmfao i wouldn't trust this site as far as i could throw it. They don't even have a basic understanding of english. Whenever someone tells me their program requirements are "Speed internet" and "No Old CPU" that's a red flag. If you actually want a good pixelbot i recommend PixelMagic by WiNiFiX. He's a known person in the community and has been for years. Don't trust some random bot nobody has ever heard of which uses broken english to market their product. Slack chat for PixelMagic
  2. I don't play retail & haven't for a long time, but still @Rainsky I appreciate you releasing this stuff. Always nice to see new things released here, community is very quiet these days.
  3. Is there any cracks for vanilla wrobot? i know tbc-legion is cracked but can't find any cracked 1.12 releases. Any help would be appreciated lol
  4. his works on windows 10, the old one only works on windows 7. 4.3.4 HB was 32 bit. Broly (i think) Released an updated 64 bit exe for windows 10
  5. I would like this for archive purposes, i have a pretty large dropbox with a collection of old hb's/lua/pqr & some earlier stuff. Missing the x64 4.3.4 (which you have :P)
  6. Does this contain the gold guides and such? They usually get left out of leaks mainly looking for them for 3.3.5/4.3.4
  7. My first request & probably my only request. I remember buying the community a login to all of the gladiator suite cr's back in mop. lmao Application Name: Easy Wow Toolbox / EWT Application Description: Private Server & Retail Multihack/Lua Unlocker & the only way to run PQR on 95% of servers without a ban. Application Download Link: Official Webpage:
  8. It's because the Freakz team modified their exe, hid the functions for ObjMgr + Lua & they did it well enough that we have no idea what to do, lol. I have knowledge but just not enough to understand what they have done, lol. Haven't tried any reversing for about 3 years and that was bypassing the authentication on a shitty script for a runescape botting program.
  9. 20 Hours later and i STILL can't find the Lua_DoStringAddress Offset, Fuck knows what they have done. Located it via a byte string, still no dice.... This is completely beyond me, Oh well. I envy you pleya, now i have no MoP server to play. Back to being MIA until CoreCraft. :l
  10. Process of elimination, It's either that Offset or the ObjMgr. The fact Cpoworks said that the others "Rarely Change" is what makes me believe we have to find the others too, but need info on HOW to do it first ;p Trying to work out what the error is that it spits out every time i try to execute pqr. I'm probably just as in the dark as you are here. :l Edit: What we need is pLeYA to step up to the mark and give us a bit info on how he achieved it. Edit Again: So after a little digging i managed to find how to identify: ClntObjMgrGetActivePlayerObj: ClntObjMgrGetActivePlayerObj:Search for E8 ?? ?? ?? ??68 ?? 00 00 00 68 ?? ?? ?? ?? 6A 10First function returned should be desired function. This was early retail mop, anyone willing to have a go can do as they wish, i'll be updating in a few hours. gonna keep digging
  11. Having the exact same problem. Getting really fucking annoying. Freakz Crashing when PQR executes script. I believe: ClntObjMgrGetActivePlayerObjAddress Is wrong too, no idea how to find it. My offsets: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Offsets> <CurrentWoWVersion>18414</CurrentWoWVersion> <WoWVersionOffset>0xC7B6EF</WoWVersionOffset> <PlayerName>0xEC4668</PlayerName> <PlayerClass>0xE63154</PlayerClass> <GetCurrentKeyBoardFocus>0xBB292C</GetCurrentKeyBoardFocus> <GameState>0xD65626</GameState> <Lua_DoStringAddress>0x4FD12</Lua_DoStringAddress> <Lua_GetLocalizedTextAddress>0x1DC9CE</Lua_GetLocalizedTextAddress> <CVarBaseMgr>0xD65E08</CVarBaseMgr> <CVarArraySize>0x400</CVarArraySize> <ObjMgr>0xCB479C</ObjMgr> <CurMgr>0x462C</CurMgr> <ClntObjMgrGetActivePlayerObjAddress>0x4E9C</ClntObjMgrGetActivePlayerObjAddress> <LocalGUID>0xE8</LocalGUID> <FirstObject>0xCC</FirstObject> <NextObject>0x34</NextObject> <Descriptors>0x4</Descriptors> <Obj_TypeOffset>0xC</Obj_TypeOffset> <Obj_X>0x838</Obj_X> <Obj_TargetGUID>0x16</Obj_TargetGUID> <ClickTerrain>0</ClickTerrain> </Offsets>
  12. I really wish people would stop reposting PQRmailers profiles. But whatever, Thanks all the same. Something different would be nice from time to time.
  13. Put simply L2 play class skrub, No Free conq. GG WP
  14. Hey there, just got back into playing wotlk, was wondering if any of you had any profiles lying around. PVE or PVP it does not matter, i'm just trying to build up a nice collection of rotations since all the ones i have atm came from @PQMailer and don't work very well on english clients. I have plenty of 4.3/5.4 profiles i could offer for trade in return. Also have a copy of vitalic Rogue private server pack which i would trade. Thanks. ~Most Wanted List~ PVP Frost DK PVP UNH DK PVP Disc PVP Holy Pala PVP AWarr