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  1. Good day. To be honest, I do not like bots, even though I used them. In my opinion it would be much better without them at all. But since they exist, it would be nice for everyone to use them, then there would be no sense in it at all. But I heard you. Topics on the other sites, exept this one and one more will be deleted (don't worry second one is closed community and someday it would be deleted even from there), if the administration of Codedeception wants, it can delete this topic too. Also I stopping to post in this topic, mb I continue to play in this "game", but with projects that already dead. But my speach about the links remains. BTW These versions appeared for the first time here, also out of gratitude to the Codedeception, it was here that at one time someone was taking away honnorbuddy Thats why I can't delete it by myself from here. Sry for my bad english.
  2. I think this paywall should be so high. If a bot will be used by a large number of people, pirate servers will begin to actively fight it, as well as with any other cheats. As for the situation as a whole, Droidz knew what he was starting to develop and piracy is the least of his possible problems, just look what happened to Bossland. It's illegal software. On the other side, from side where players are. I think that this is really unfair if someone use this software when others don't. So, If any of the links in the description will be closed, someone will distribute these versions even more. Torrents/Sites/Clouds/Social Nerworks even Deepweb. I would not be so categorical, but trying to break someone else's hardware (if BSOD came from Wrobots servers ofc) is already too much.
  3. No-no-no. Don't update it. 1) Unzip 2) Disable Wrobots connection to the internet with help of Firewall OR OneClickFirewall OR Applying the host file (host file didn't test) 3) Use Wrobot.
  4. When you first time started the bot, Did you try to do it without any solutions that blocks Wrobot from attempting to go to the internet? I mean, without methods that written under "ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION!". Pls be honest, if you did that - it's also good, we can try to fiagure out the solution of the situation if someone do the same thing.
  5. Which version of Wrobot do you use? Have you reinstalled Windows recently? Which Windows build do you have?
  6. Nope, you need to remove "#" before Wrobot lines. # - means that the "code" after them will not work. Also, which version of wrobot do you use? Have you reinstalled windows recently?
  7. Mb you disabled some firewall rights in your system. But I glad that Wrobot started to work. Thanks for feedback it was really helpfull.
  8. Just now I disabled my solution and Wrobot BSOD my PC. Then I enabled it and everething fine again. Btw I have Windows 1909 build, which build do you have?
  9. Did you block both inbound and outbound connections? If so, try to do like gamusin0 wrote "I made a semisolution, in my PC if you turn your conexion off (ethernet or wifi), open wow (you cant log now), open WROBOT -> then turn on conexion and it works, if I open WROBOT with internet conexion on it crash. "
  10. I think I found a solution, check the title. A bit of conspiracy xD. May be if the bot still sent some data to the network and receiving something back, then Droidz (creator of Wrobot) is behind this problem? But I'm not a programmer, and possibly this is the dumbest thing you probably ever read
  11. I think I hurried to conclusions. Because now I have Windows with 1909 update and BSOD appears. I'm trying to feagure out whats wrong.