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  1. Finansal Haberler - Bitcoin - Bankaclk ilemleri - Gncel Finans - En Gncel En Doru Finansal Haberler More info!

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  3. Count me in Make a rage option and make it vetter than skeet
  4. I may be a leecher but i think its funny that (correct me if i'm wrong) back when they.. bought?? This site they then asked for donations.. seems weird imo. To maintain a buiseness u need a sponsor or a source of income. If u have mpney to buy someones website shouldn't u have money to keep it alive too??
  5. 50 years later.. Cdauth would still be dead.
  6. Lol +1 to that
  7. I would like to see cracked Exiled-Bot Acc's xD
  8. Lawl wish i had the money for the grinder profiles and a second acc to make that kind of gold lmao. +1 vesper!
  9. Mr. Deity God Of Bruteforcing Thank you very much for this service!:3 - would contribute with some viaplay acc's but sadly i got no clue how to find a bruteforcer where i won't need a hugeass gb pw list or just where i won't need emails lmao
  10. exactly atm im training my memory so i can learn a language (also because of the education i want is it related) ima start small and end big thinking of learning some high end lang's so i might be able to help out in the future
  11. Well.. sure everybody "should be able to" but.. take me for an example i got a bad memory because of epilepsy among others, some people might just have learning issues, some might have bad memory in general someone might just be too lazy to help out and some are just leeches theres many reasons although your right .. your wrong you know?
  12. i agree, although with that last part not so much .. you say that if more people were interested in learning various coding languages we would have all buddyproducts? thats not entirely true.. think of it like this.. even an idiot can download something from the net sure some idiots just get viruses instead.. but not anyone can learn a entirely new language which a coding language is no different from although theres several sites for teaching it isnt that easy to learn a new language it requires several things like a good memory for memorisation of what the different things do for one and a memorisation for commands and such.. sry for the long text what im trying to say is that not anyone can learn a new language just like that.
  13. Although i agree in RoS-BoT Being a fine alt for DB theres also >I use that myself< although it costs money normaly but you can make a free acc again and again by using or other mail generator sites each trial account keeps working for 12 H straight so its a fine alternative in the beginning of the season.. (Will make a post about this soon)
  14. Oh, my bad then didnt know that Like the guy under you said. HB Was cracked & Free on this site back in the days. Try the search function on this site. Well if its for wow then as Feep said Wrobot and Thenoobbot doesnt have the updated versions on this site, BUT! if its for d3 heres a couple of links you can only run with a trial account though but for you can use to make a new acc your trial on botexploit is 12 hours. You can also use RoS-BoT gives you 4 free subscriptions so you won't need to make acc's that often, Heres the links: hope this helps you m8.