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  1. Hello, pqr 5.4.8 << Pandawow.ru aint working for me, please i wish u could MSG me and help me thanks.

  2. Dude? Do you live in this world?
  3. I'm sure Suspense will give you the old one for couple thousand €. It wont help much since the whole nav server has to be rebuilt.
  4. Its still up and running as a standalone product. http://elysium.to/elysium/
  5. Doesnt matter if you download an older release since it wont work with the new 2.4.3 patch. RoS bot is considered early access in every new season in the first 4-6 weeks. What i mean by that it does not tied to bot version. Its 5$ to get a one month access to early releases which is really not that much. Just pay or wait.
  6. Wrobot and Thenoobbot are not free. There are some cracked versions here and there but they are not being maintained and with that said they are unreliable on the long term.
  7. Because there is no reason to do it. Whatever you request its not gona happen.
  8. Hey guys. I'm sharing my collection of pqr profiles for MoP 5.4.7 and 5.4.8. Some of the profiles might not work properly on different servers. Tested on: http://pandawow.ru/ and https://www.warmane.com/ frostwolf server It contains both pvp and pve profiles and expect way better performance on well made profiles than what you had with HB or any other bots especially in pvp. (spell reflect instant spells, druid form switch on last milisecond of polymorph cast etc) Most of the profiles are requires for you to do the general rotation it will only do the non standard stuff like perfect bursting or cc etc. This is generally true for pvp profiles. I havent created any of these profiles but i made modifications in some of them but i do not intend to take credit for any of them. How to use? Preparation: From the packed file copy the contents of the AddOns folder to your wow client/interface/AddOns folder Start you wow client. Log in Press addons and make sure you have selected PQinterface addon and load out of date addons are ticked enter world with your character Start PQR.exe Select the wow instance you would like it to attach to. (Only works with WoW MoP,, Press attach Select the rotation you would like to use in the dropdown menu and press the hotkey next to it ingame to load the rotation You are ready to pwn. (I highly recommend testing out on a friend or a dummy before giving it a go in raids, arenas, bgs) Download: https://mega.nz/#!KkNlSYKa!QyUsqlWXZg3aVGI1Xq7EdE6T6Po6IHiHzP3J1-FwxCk https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/e6bd6b33f1fd0b3ed054d314368004ef8dd5b38789b06b0358c73b098c253fa1/analysis/1483200864/ None of it is my creation i just collected them. Have fun!
  9. I am not a coder but i offered support for those who had any problems with hb, db, hearthbuddy... I have no purpose now here.
  10. Well 2 of the super mods PsyhosyX (last post august 25th) and WhiteCat (last post October 7) So they doesnt really "baiting" people. Those who do not research before donating just simply do because of this thread: but to be clear the OP of that thread is no longer part of cd. Also ill correct the information that it says: On top of the standard features,(there is none currently) VIP users will gain access to the VIP section. A place for VIPs to release exclusive stuff,(there is none currently) or for us to occationally release exclusive stuff,(there is none currently) such as: No ads on website, (Adblock) Private VIP Authentication, providing VIPs more stability when botting. (Auth servers not working for at least 3 months by now and none of the bots are supported) User contributed content in the VIP sections, (I dont think there is any because everyone is putting stuff in general releases) Unlimited access to our private media box running on the Plex platform. More info HERE // Due to changes in leadership, the plex platform "Elysium" can now be found seperately HERE Access to a lot of other premium content, such as guides, and exploits. (Everything is outdated) Please do not consider donating if one of the above benefits is your reason to do so, a good rule of thumb is to always donate expecting less then more, and you will not be disappointed. Consider us a charity when you donate, support the cause and help us stay around, but do not expect content. Regards CDStaff +no progress in the past 3-4 months to crack any bots (not just buddy bots but any bots) Im not saying cd is dead but like cmon what u gona say to that? TL;DR There is currently no vip benefit and seemingly there wont be any in the near future.
  11. look for wrobot 1.2.0 its working on panda wow
  12. CDauth is not working. Also currently none of the bots are supported.
  13. Do you have anything else to say other than "CD = dead" or "its finally working" trolling?