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    For proof that this is real I decided to post some logins here (: [email protected]:joyful78 Premium 4 Yes Yes 3-22-19 en-US [Netlifx] [email protected]:Prince20 Standard 2 Yes No 02-03-2019 en-IE [Netflix] [email protected]:MyFatty1002 [Hulu] [email protected]:enhom3t3 [CrunchyRoll] [email protected]:joppe80 [Spotify] [email protected]:champ123 [Spotify] [email protected]:liliopo1996 [Spotify] [email protected]:Azkazel1 [Minecraft] [email protected]:gustok123 [Minecraft]
  2. This is The Moon, we release DAILY Logins in our server. The Moon Community is friendly unless you are not friendly to them. Who we are: Randoms with autism This Is a joke OBVIOUSLY What we do in the server: 1. release logins daily 2. talk 3. help 4. everything you need What we have: Logins AND over 9000 non-serious rules honestly this is not even a joke. But The Rules are a joke. There are no rules in the server. FREE FOREVER Join Now:
  3. Greetings, my name is David! Most of my friends call me Reaper,heh.Name: David A.Age: Seventeen (17)How long can you be online?: Since I have nothing better to do (xd) I have a years worth of online time unless something is stopping me from being online, and that's kinda rare. I usually pull allnighters and sleep from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Therefore I will be online everyday usually all day.Experience with Forums/Websites:I have been learning about forums/Websites for a very long time now, even created a forum/Website once as a test and it went everything successful. So I have a good experience with Forums/WebsitesWhat can I do for the Forum?: Easily answered! (if you read all of the statements above) I can provide great administrative and moderation for CodedExeption. Banning, muting and kicking: Weather it's a racist,sexist,idiot,or hacker. I will easily,and fairly take care of hooligans that try to ruin people's Forum experience. I do not tolerate racism,and I DEFINITELY DO NOT tolerate hacking like doxing someone and posting their information on the forum, etc.Thank you for the time you took to read this! -David/Reaper